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Accepting the challenge

Accepting the challenge

Richland Parish Superintendent of Schools Sheldon Jones and IEP Coordinator Sharon Claxton graciously read more

Truck damaged by flames

Truck damaged by flames

No one was injured when a 2005 Toyota Corolla driven by 93-year-old Wayne Phillips of Winnsboro traveling read more

American Legion officers sworn in

American Legion officers sworn in

New officers for American Legion Tommie Cook Post 122 are installed during the post’s annual fish read more

Cupples wins first place in state newspaper contest

Cupples wins first place in state newspaper contest

Richland Beacon-News general manager Mary Terry presents Charlie Cupples with a plaque following his read more

  • Accepting the challenge

  • Truck damaged by flames

  • American Legion...

  • Cupples wins first...

Unemployment rate increases to 8.1 percent

The Richland Parish unemployment rate rose a little more than half a point during July.

The parish jobless rate was 8.1 percent in July, up from 7.4 percent in June. The rate dropped more than one percent from the 9.2 percent registered a year ago in June.

This translates to 740 people seeking work in Richland Parish in July, up from 671 in June.  A total of 844 people out of work in the parish during the same period a year ago.

The number of people working in Richland Parish rose to 8,406 in July from 8,352 in June. A year ago, the number of people employed in the parish was 844.

LaSalle Parish had the lowest unemployment rate in the state at 4.9 percent. East Carroll had the highest jobless rate at 12.3 percent.

Louisiana’s not seasonally adjusted unemployment rate rose to 6.2 percent in July, an increase of 0.5 percentage point from June, but 0.6 point better than a year earlier. The unemployment rate is calculated by dividing the number of unemployed by the civilian labor force, both of which increased over the month, July’s not seasonally adjusted data shows.

The nation’s not seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in July was 6.5 percent, 1.2 points better than a year earlier but an increase of 0.2 point over June. Data about the labor force and the unemployment rate are estimated by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics from a monthly survey conducted with about 750 households.

The state also set a new record for the not seasonally adjusted number of people employed in July in the civilian labor force: 2,031,016, which was 41,204 more than a year earlier, and 16,977 more than in June.

Hunters get break from sales tax Sept. 5-7

Guns, ammunition and other hunting supplies are exempt from state and local sales taxes Sept. 5-7.

The 2014 Louisiana Second Amendment Weekend Sales Tax Holiday applies to individual consumer purchases of a wide range of hunting gear, including:

• Firearms that may be legally sold or purchased in Louisiana;

• Ammunition intended to be fired from a gun or firearm;

• Archery supplies to be used for hunting;

• Apparel such as  safety gear, camouflage clothing, jackets, hats, gloves, mittens, face masks and thermal underwear manufactured and marketed as being primarily for wear or use while hunting; and

• Off-road vehicles such as all-terrain vehicles designed and intended primarily for hunting; the exemption does not apply to golf carts, go-carts, dirt bikes, mini-bikes, motorcycles, tractors, motor vehicles which may be legally driven on the streets and highways of Louisiana, or heavy equipment such as cranes, forklifts, backhoes and bulldozers.

Visit for more information, including the full list of eligible purchases, as well as those that do not qualify for the sales tax exemption.

By state law, the Louisiana Second Amendment Weekend Sales Tax Holiday is an annual event that takes place the first consecutive Friday through Sunday each September.

Rayville Dixie Angels Allstars third in nation

On Sunday, August 3, 2014, the Louisiana State Champion Rayville Dixie Angel Allstars presented for opening ceremonies at the Alabama Theatre at North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  

The 2014 Louisiana State Champions are Molly Allen, Mary Madilynn Bennett, Rylee Gibson, Ashlyn Sepulvado, Moriah Adams, Katelyn Branch, Olivia Dannehl, Gabrielle Riggins, Gracie Rowton, Kaleigh Smith, Morgan Tumilson, and Amelia Williams.  The Rayville Angel Allstars are coached by Tom Allen, Dan Branch, Kenny Sepulvado, Lyle Bennett, and Chris Dannehl.  

After drawing a first round bye, the Louisiana ladies defeated Florida by the score of 14-13.  The game was a nail-biter which see-sawed back and forth several times and took two extra innings to complete. 

 The Louisiana State Champions were led by pitchers Mary Madilynn Bennett, Ashlyn Sepulvado, and Gabrielle Riggins.  The Louisiana Allstars came from behind on three different occasions to claim the win.  Down by three runs in the bottom of the 7th, Rylee Gibson walked, Ashlyn Sepulvado singled, and Mary Madilynn Bennett doubled to score two runs. 

 With one out, Amelia Williams and Gracie Rowton singled.  At this point, one of the stars of the state tournament and the World Series, Gabrielle Riggins, came to the plate and doubled in the winning runs.  Gabrielle Riggins was three for four in the contest with three doubles.  Other Louisiana Allstars with runs batted in were Molly Allen, Rylee Gibson, Mary Madilynn Bennett, Olivia Dannehl, Amelia Williams, and Gracie Rowton.  The game was the closest and best game of the entire World Series according to the tournament directors.  

Later on the same day and despite Ashlyn Sepulvado’s two hitter, the Louisiana ladies lost to Virginia, the eventual tournament runner-up, by the score of 3-1.  The Louisiana champions actually outhit Virginia three to two with Gabrielle Riggins going two for two and Rylee Gibson going one for two.  However, there were more Virginia base runners and more of them driven in to insure the Virginia victory.

On Wednesday, August 6th, Mary Madilynn Bennett and Gabrielle Riggins faced only twelve batters and combined for a no-hitter with Louisiana defeating Alabama by the score of 10-0.  

Amelia Williams at rover made three spectacular plays to insure and preserve the no-hitter.  

Amelia Williams also contributed with a two RBI triple in the contest.  The ladies from Rayville scored five runs in the first and five runs in the third to force elimination.  The final two runs in the third were driven in by Kaleigh Smith.  

Scoring in the game were Molly Allen, Katelyn Branch, Rylee Gibson, Ashlyn Sepulvado, Amelia Williams, Gabrielle Riggins, and Olivia Dannehl.  

On Thursday, August 7th, with only three teams remaining in the tournament, the Louisiana State Champions’ run came to an end as the Rayville girls fell to the eventual champion, Georgia, by the score of 3-0.  The Louisiana ace, Mary Madilynn Bennett, walked none and threw strikes, which Georgia hit and which Louisiana defended.   

The Louisiana infield was very busy and very efficient, recording twelve putouts in the game.  The Georgia runs came on a bunt single and two hard hits to right field.

 The superb infield for the Louisiana Champions was Ashlyn Sepulvado at first base; Molly Allen at second base, Rylee Gibson at shortstop; Gracie Rowton at third base; Katelyn Branch at catcher; and Amelia Williams at rover.  The outfield consisted of Amelia Williams at rover; Gabrielle Riggins, Olivia Dannehl, Morgan Tumilson, Kaleigh Smith, and Moriah Adams. 

 The Dixie and tournament officials noted that the Louisiana team was the best defensive team at the tournament.  

After receiving their awards, the Louisiana State Champions retired from the complex where Georgia ultimately was crowned the Champion and Virginia was runner up. 

Rayville Dixie Belles win state

The Rayville Dixie Belles out-scored opponents 151 to 34 over six district tournament games and nine state championship tournament games to win the state title and are now qualified to play in the World Series. Players are Madison Frith, Macey Lee, Hannah Bickford, Micheala Lewis, Caitlyn Swain, Leann Franks, Marissa Crocket, Asia Wallace, Emily Neathery, Maggie Lee and Emily Hamm. Coaches are Darryn and Amber Frith.


Outlook for Aug. 28, 2014

By Melba Hendrix

Hello, hello, for one more time in this fine month of August and I do believe that this will be the last epistle I will write in this month of this year.

Everything has been going along very well most of the time lately as far as I can determine.  But, I am always aware that the unexpected does come along once in a while, so I try to not be surprised when it does.  In fact, the older i get, the less I am surprised when something does happen a bit out of the ordinary.  Isn’t there an old saying something about “variety being the spice of life?”  Maybe so, but, I just don’t desire too much of it.  Why, even too much “banana pudding” wouldn’t be good for a person - if it was too much......Right????

Yeah, I am in one of those kind of “off-key” moods today; but, I will try to control myself as I go along and not get too far out of line.

Folks, as you well know, we have had a pretty mild summer as far as really fierce heat.  In fact, it seems that up until this week, the weather has not been so terribly hot; but, I think it has just almost made up for that now.  I’ve used the air-conditioning more this week than almost for the whole summer.

CHUCKLE #1 - “Johnny,” said his teacher sternly, “you ought to wash your face before coming to school in the morning.  Why, I can even see what you had for breakfast this morning.”

“You can?  What was it?” asked Johnny.

“You had eggs.” was her reply.

“Oh, no, teacher, you’re wrong,” retorted Johnny.  “The eggs were from yesterday morning.” ???

So, let’s move on a little further.  The rain is now coming down in sheets outside the office of the Richland Beacon News.  I would imagine that our streams and lakes can use the extra water; but, I have no idea what stage the fall crops may be in as far as harvesting them is concerned.  Ånd, I am thankful for that.  Oh, yes.  My dad was a farmer and a blacksmith among other things and I worked with farmers here for several years when I was employed by (first - the U.S.Soil Conservation Service and later, the Farmers Home Administration Service.)

Somebody has to raise the crops that produce our country’s food supply; but, I am just as happy not to be connected directly to farming these days.  However, I am concerned that farmers do well and keep on producing what consumers need on a regular basis.  (And, I will admit to

having a good appetite, most of the time.  Oh, yes, indeed........)

CHUCKLE #2 - The old bachelor had been visiting the elderly widow regularly every evening for three years.  “Since you two seem to get along so well together,” asked a friend, “why don’t you marry her?”

“I have often thought of that.” admitted the bachelor, “but, then where would I spend my evenings?”  ???

So, this brings us almost to the end of August and the public school  has already begun for the fall session. I am well aware of this since the school board office is on the block in front of my home and the school bus drivers come and go from just across the street also every school day morning.  But, that is all a part of our children’s education and I don’t mind the extra activity out front.  After all, our children are the future leaders of our country.....oh, yes, indeed........

So, I am looking forward to fall and all that it brings.  Don’t know when the first frost may come; but, it will come without my intervention, I am sure.  I will just rake up the fallen leaves and dispose of them and that won’t take too much effort.   In fact, the wind usually blows away most of them........Oh, yeah......

Birthdays are soon coming up for:  Tom Heath, Amy Williams and Linda Cobb on 8/29; for Gordan Allen and Kelsie Miller on 8/31; Caleb Sharbono. Amber Tarver. Ann Morris and Beth Haynes on 9/2 and for Todd King and Beth Bennett on 9/3.  And, we wish all these birthday folks a most happy celebration of their natal day and that they enjoy many more “Happy Birthdays” - Oh, yes, indeed.......

And, that will just about wrap up another Outlook column for one more week.  I hope to meet all of you dear readers again next week at the same time, place, etc.  Oh,  yes, indeed........

PARTING THOUGHT:   When turning ninety-five, comedian Bob Hope revealed the secret to his longevity: “Laughter is it.  Laughter is therapy - an instant vacation.”  And I agree......Oh,  yes.....

Holly Ridge Happenings for Aug. 28, 2014

By Shirley Thompson

Make Sure  The Devil  Takes His Bags!

1. You got out of a bad relationship because it was bad, but you are still resentful and angry. (You let the devil leave his bags)

2. You got out of a financial debt, but you still can’t control the desire to spend on frivolous things. (You let the devil leave his bags)

3. You got of a bad habit or addiction, but you still long to try it just one more time. (You let the devil leave his bags)

4. You said, I forgive you, but you can’t seem to let it go and have peace with that person. (You let the devil leave his bags)

5. You got out of that horribly oppressive job, but you’re still trying to sabotage the company after you left. (You let the devil leave his bags)

6. You broke off your relationship with that hurtful, abusive person, but you are suspicious and distrusting of every new person you meet. (You let the devil leave his bags)

7. You decided to let go of the past hurts from growing up in an unstable family environment, yet you believe you are unworthy of love from others and you refuse to get attached to anyone. (You let the devil leave his bags)

8. You ended a relationship, but you tend to keep up with what your former mate does. (You let the devil leave his bags)

When you put the devil out,make sure he takes his bags, too!


Well, I have a brand new great grandson, Lawson Rawls arrived at St. Francis Hospital on Monday August 25th. Lawson tipped the scales at 6 pounds 2 ounces, 19 inches long. Lawson’s proud parents are Justin and LeAnn Rawls of Monroe. Congratulations to them on their new baby boy. Their First! My week started good. Tuesday my little great niece, Cassie Livingston brought my little great, great niece by to see me. Then an hour or so later my niece, Jeanie Green, Great niece Sarah McElroy and little Lilly stopped by after they had been up to visit at David Rawls. Good to see them. Thursday, Carolyn Lyle, Angie Morris, Morgan Roberts come up to see me. We had the best visit. Morgan is married to Alice John Morris grandson.

Here from Beevile Texas was Corriene Stokes, Bridgette, Breanna, Stephanie and Baby Hannah. They were here to help Adddis and Kenzie Stokes 7th Birthday at Chunkie Cheese on Sunday. All kids love Chunkie Cheese.

Sue Cobb was here from Lafayette on Friday. She brought me another box of the small Milltown at Holly Ridge books. So if you need one. Come on by. Heath and Melanie Rawls ad her mom Cora Mae Duncan from Bastrop stopped by on Sunday. They were just returning from the weekend at Pidgeon Forge. Ask Cora about the hills. Ha!

Happy Birthday this week to: Patsy Stokes, Brandon Sarha on August 28th, Nancy Absher, Deryl Caston, Ryan Calloway, Timothy Thomas on August 29th, Gary Freeland II, Bro. Mike Clark, Tommy Bartlett on August 30th, Ellie Jo Barker on August 31st, Barbara McCormick on September 1st, Carolyn Lyle and Morgan Kennedy on September 2nd, Bubba Hubbard, Jimmy Toney, Kyle Clack on September 3rd. May these celebrate many more happy ones! Anniversary wishes to: Diane and Allen Nettles on August 28th, Allison and Skipper Vaughn on September 3rd. May these share many more happy years together!

Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to the family of Mr. Grady Mann who took his heavenly flight last friday. May God’s love sustain them during their time of sorrow and the years ahead.

Hey Dont forget the reunion time for some Holly Ridge students on August 30th at Bethel Gym. See you there.

Have a good week! Please call and share. Remember: Christians are like coals of fire. Together they glow, apart they grow cold.


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