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Truck damaged by flames

Truck damaged by flames

No one was injured when a 2005 Toyota Corolla driven by 93-year-old Wayne Phillips of Winnsboro traveling read more

American Legion officers sworn in

American Legion officers sworn in

New officers for American Legion Tommie Cook Post 122 are installed during the post’s annual fish read more

Richland riders earn high point honors at horse show

Richland riders earn high point honors at horse show

Theodora Dawson, Chloe’ Hillman  and Isabel Dawson won high point rider honors at the Northeast read more

Cupples wins first place in state newspaper contest

Cupples wins first place in state newspaper contest

Richland Beacon-News general manager Mary Terry presents Charlie Cupples with a plaque following his read more

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  • Cupples wins first...

Qualifying underway for Nov. 4 elections

Qualifying began Wednesday and will continue through Friday for all races on the Nov. 4 ballot.

As of noon Wednesday, the following candidates had qualified:

U.S. Senator:

• Bill Cassidy, Republican, Baton Rouge; 

• Thomas Clements, Republican, Lafayette;

• Mary Landrieu, Democrat, New Orleans; and

• Brannon Lee McMorris, Libertarian, Denham Springs.

U.S. Representative 5th Congressional District

• Ralph Lee Abraham, Republican, Archibald;

• Harris Brown, Republican, Monroe; 

• Jamie Mayo, Democrat, Monroe; and

• Ed Tarpley, Republican, Alexandria.

Public Service Commission District 6

• Foster Campbell, Democrat, Bossier City.

District Judge, Div. A

• Terry Doughty, Republican, Rayville.

District Judge, Div. B

• James Stephens, No Party, Baskin.

District Judge, Div. C

• Ann McIntyre, Democrat, Winnsboro.

District Attorney

• Mack Lancaster, Other, Oak Grove.

School Board, Dist. 1

• Billy Calvert, No Party, Delhi.

School Board, Dist. 2

• Leonard Guine Jr., Democrat, Delhi; and

• Eugene Young Jr., Democrat, Delhi.

School Board, Dist. 3

• Latricia Kyle, Democrat, Rayville; and

• Moses Wilkins, Democrat, Rayville.

School Board, Dist. 4

• No Candidates.

School Board, Dist. 5

• No Candidates.

School Board, Dist. 6

• Marie Lewis, Democrat, Rayville.

School Board, Dist. 7

• Joe Chapman, Other, Rayville.

School Board, Dist. 8

• Kevin Eppinette, No Party, Rayville.

School Board, Dist. 9

• Keith Pruitt, Republican, Mangham.

Justice of the Peace, Ward 1

• Randol McKinney, Republican, Delhi.

Justice of the Peace, Ward 2

• Joe Comeaux, Other, Rayville.

Justice of the Peace, Ward 3

• Jeremy Crow, Republican, Rayville.

Justice of the Peace, Ward 4

• Jim Archibald, Republican, Archibald.

Justice of the Peace, Ward 5

• No Candidates.

Justice of the Peace, Wards 6 and 7

• No Candidates.

Constable, Ward 1

• Linda McKinney, Republican, Delhi.

Constable, Ward 2

• Leo Lyle, Republican, Rayville.

Constable, Ward 3

• Jonathon Crow, Republican, Rayville.

Constable, Ward 4

• Terry Gwin, Republican, Archibald.

Constable, Ward 5

• Jim Bruce, Democrat, Mangham; and

• Jimmy Pickering, Republican, Mangham.

Constable, Wards 6 and 7

• No Candidates.

Delhi Mayor

• J. Lynn Lewis, Democrat, Delhi; and

• Jesse Washington, Democrat, Delhi.

Mangham Mayor

• No Candidates.

Delhi Chief of Police

• Ken Harrell, Republican, Delhi.

Mangham Chief of Police

• Perry Fleming, Democrat, Mangham; and

• Jerry Lynn Graham, Other, Mangham.

Delhi Alderman, Dist. A

• Daniel Dixon, Democrat, Delhi.

Delhi Alderman, Dist. B

• No Candidates.

Delhi Alderman, Dist. C

• Henry Washington Jr., Democrat, Delhi.

Delhi Alderman, Dist. D

• Marvin Hamilton, Democrat, Delhi.

Delhi Alderman, Dist. E

• Caroline Christman, Other, Delhi.

Mangham Alderman (The five candidates with the most vote will be elected.)

• Dennis Wollerson, Other, Mangham.

Qualifying will continue for all races through Friday.

COA raising funds for feeding seniors

Thanks to donations from local businesses, churches, organizations and residents, the Council on Aging reached its fund-raising goal for last year and was able to provide services to Richland Parish senior citizens.

A new budget year has started, and the COA is again asking for donations so it can continue providing valuable services to senior citizens.  

“During each of the last few years, we served almost 13,000 senior citizens who came to our senior centers for sit-down meals and activities, and we delivered a little more than 20,000 meals to home-bound senior citizens throughout Richland Parish,” Richland Voluntary Council on Aging Director Beth Whatley said.  “We anticipate that at least this many seniors -- and maybe even more, will need our services for this coming fiscal year.”  

The cost of each meal has gone up to $3.32 -- an increase from last year’s $3.26 price.  Even though the COA has to pay the full cost of each meal, the organization only asks seniors to donate at least $1 for each meal they eat.  This goes toward the cost of the meals.

Richland Parish is one of a few COA’s that still delivers hot meals to the home-bound.  This also gives staff members the opportunity to visit and monitor the health of home-bound members.  (Most other councils deliver five frozen meals one day a week.) 

“In addition to meals, we assist senior citizens in other ways, including distribution of the 40-pound food boxes for our qualified members and transportation in the Rayville area,” Whatley said. “We accept donations of walkers, wheelchairs, canes, bathtub chairs, hospital beds, etc., and then loan the items to seniors as needed.”

Whatley said a $20 donation will feed a senior for a month and a $250 will feed a senior for a year. All donations are tax deductible.  Several people put the COA in their budget and donate monthly.  

“The Richland Council on Aging is one of only a few councils in Louisiana that receives no millage or sales tax revenue,” she said. “We appreciate our Richland Police Jury for paying for the utilities for each meal site. This fundraiser donations help us continue to serve senior citizens in Richland Parish.”  

Rayville Dixie Angels Allstars third in nation

On Sunday, August 3, 2014, the Louisiana State Champion Rayville Dixie Angel Allstars presented for opening ceremonies at the Alabama Theatre at North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  

The 2014 Louisiana State Champions are Molly Allen, Mary Madilynn Bennett, Rylee Gibson, Ashlyn Sepulvado, Moriah Adams, Katelyn Branch, Olivia Dannehl, Gabrielle Riggins, Gracie Rowton, Kaleigh Smith, Morgan Tumilson, and Amelia Williams.  The Rayville Angel Allstars are coached by Tom Allen, Dan Branch, Kenny Sepulvado, Lyle Bennett, and Chris Dannehl.  

After drawing a first round bye, the Louisiana ladies defeated Florida by the score of 14-13.  The game was a nail-biter which see-sawed back and forth several times and took two extra innings to complete. 

 The Louisiana State Champions were led by pitchers Mary Madilynn Bennett, Ashlyn Sepulvado, and Gabrielle Riggins.  The Louisiana Allstars came from behind on three different occasions to claim the win.  Down by three runs in the bottom of the 7th, Rylee Gibson walked, Ashlyn Sepulvado singled, and Mary Madilynn Bennett doubled to score two runs. 

 With one out, Amelia Williams and Gracie Rowton singled.  At this point, one of the stars of the state tournament and the World Series, Gabrielle Riggins, came to the plate and doubled in the winning runs.  Gabrielle Riggins was three for four in the contest with three doubles.  Other Louisiana Allstars with runs batted in were Molly Allen, Rylee Gibson, Mary Madilynn Bennett, Olivia Dannehl, Amelia Williams, and Gracie Rowton.  The game was the closest and best game of the entire World Series according to the tournament directors.  

Later on the same day and despite Ashlyn Sepulvado’s two hitter, the Louisiana ladies lost to Virginia, the eventual tournament runner-up, by the score of 3-1.  The Louisiana champions actually outhit Virginia three to two with Gabrielle Riggins going two for two and Rylee Gibson going one for two.  However, there were more Virginia base runners and more of them driven in to insure the Virginia victory.

On Wednesday, August 6th, Mary Madilynn Bennett and Gabrielle Riggins faced only twelve batters and combined for a no-hitter with Louisiana defeating Alabama by the score of 10-0.  

Amelia Williams at rover made three spectacular plays to insure and preserve the no-hitter.  

Amelia Williams also contributed with a two RBI triple in the contest.  The ladies from Rayville scored five runs in the first and five runs in the third to force elimination.  The final two runs in the third were driven in by Kaleigh Smith.  

Scoring in the game were Molly Allen, Katelyn Branch, Rylee Gibson, Ashlyn Sepulvado, Amelia Williams, Gabrielle Riggins, and Olivia Dannehl.  

On Thursday, August 7th, with only three teams remaining in the tournament, the Louisiana State Champions’ run came to an end as the Rayville girls fell to the eventual champion, Georgia, by the score of 3-0.  The Louisiana ace, Mary Madilynn Bennett, walked none and threw strikes, which Georgia hit and which Louisiana defended.   

The Louisiana infield was very busy and very efficient, recording twelve putouts in the game.  The Georgia runs came on a bunt single and two hard hits to right field.

 The superb infield for the Louisiana Champions was Ashlyn Sepulvado at first base; Molly Allen at second base, Rylee Gibson at shortstop; Gracie Rowton at third base; Katelyn Branch at catcher; and Amelia Williams at rover.  The outfield consisted of Amelia Williams at rover; Gabrielle Riggins, Olivia Dannehl, Morgan Tumilson, Kaleigh Smith, and Moriah Adams. 

 The Dixie and tournament officials noted that the Louisiana team was the best defensive team at the tournament.  

After receiving their awards, the Louisiana State Champions retired from the complex where Georgia ultimately was crowned the Champion and Virginia was runner up. 

Rayville Dixie Belles win state

The Rayville Dixie Belles out-scored opponents 151 to 34 over six district tournament games and nine state championship tournament games to win the state title and are now qualified to play in the World Series. Players are Madison Frith, Macey Lee, Hannah Bickford, Micheala Lewis, Caitlyn Swain, Leann Franks, Marissa Crocket, Asia Wallace, Emily Neathery, Maggie Lee and Emily Hamm. Coaches are Darryn and Amber Frith.


Outlook for Aug. 21, 2014

By Melba Hendrix

Hello, hello, to all of you special folks who scan the Richland Beacon News each week.  I hope this finds all of you well and in good spirits on this third week in the fine month of August.

I had really  kind of dreaded August since it is usually noted for being the hottest month of the year.  But, I’ve been a bit surprised as it has continued to cool up at night so that I get by with just the use of a ceiling fan in my bedroom.  During the afternoons, I’ve turned on air conditioning for a while; but, I usually turn it off prior to bedtime.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ,    I do wish that I could dredge up some new and/or exciting news for the Outlook column; but, it’s just the same old, same old.....And, as I’ve said before, I kind of like it that way.  I’ve never been one to crave excitement all the time.  (I doubt my old “ticker” could handle it on a regular basis.)  And, if that makes me a “dull Jane” - then so be it....

CHUCKLE #1 - A country woman arrived in a big city and got into a taxi which took off at once in a breakneck speed, almost overturning at corners and barely missing collision with other cars.

“Please be careful, driver,” gasped the woman holding on to her hat.  “This is the first time I have ever ridden in a taxi.”

“That’s nothing, lady,” shouted the driver.  “This is the first time I ever drove one!”  ???

And so, let’s move on further in this week’s Outlook effort.  I did enjoy my usual outing on Sunday which was attending Sunday School at Woodlawn Baptist Church and the worship service which followed.  I don’t sing in the choir anymore; but, I do appreciate all the efforts of those who do sing and those who play the musical instruments.  And, our pastor always delivers a good message from the Bible.  I find it an excellent way to begin each week.

I am still trying to locate some friends from bygone years; but, I haven’t done very well in that effort either.  But, I plan to keep on trying and hope for more success.  Try, try...till success comes.

CHUCKLE #2 - A man telephoned a pet shop and said, “I’d like to order 25,000 cockroaches.”

“What in the world do you want with that many cockroaches?” exclaimed the clerk.

“Well, I’m moving tomorrow,” explained the man, “and my lease says that I must leave the premises in exactly the same condition in which I found them.”    Hmmmmm?????

My son, Kirby and his wife, Linda, have just returned from Colorado where they spent a week visiting their son, Kevin, who lives and works there.  And, I am looking forward to hearing more details of their trip.  That state has been special to me since my late husband and I were residents there several years ago and Kirby was born there during that time.  Colorado is a lovely state and has much to offer visitors.  But, I surely have no desire to return to that area.

I suppose I must admit that I have become a “homebody” since I am content to just stay at home, do my own shopping and meal preparation, etc.  But, I am looking forward to fall with some cooler temps and the lovely colors as the tree leaves get some frost a bit later on. Just the thought of any extended travel simply has no appeal to me.  And, so be it........

And, I didn’t think to bring the information on those having birthdays soon coming up; but, I’ll try to include them next week.  Oh, yes,,,,,”Happy Birthday” to them anyway.

So, that will bring this Outlook session to a close and I will hope to meet each one of you special folks next week through this same medium - The good ole Richland Beacon News.......Oh, yes indeed........

PARTING THOUGHT:  You will know it’s going to be a bad day when you turn on the morning TV news and they are displaying emergency routes out of the city.  - (Oh, yes....but, I don’t think we have to be concerned about such happenings here in our town of Rayville.)

Holly Ridge Happenings for Aug. 21, 2014

By Shirley Thompson

Life Explained Humorously

On the first day God created the cow. God said, “you must go to the field with the farmer all day long and suffer under the sun, have calves and give milk to support the farmer. I will give you sixty years.” The cow said, “That’s kind of a tough life you want me to live for sixty years. Let me have twenty and I’ll give back the other forty.”  And God agreed. On the second day God created dog. God said. “Sit all day by the door of your house and bark at anyone who comes in or walks past. I will give you a life span of twenty years.” The dog said, That’s too long to be barking. Give me ten years and I’ll give you back the other then.” So God agreed. On the third day God created the monkey. God said, “Entertain people, do monkey tricks, make them laugh. I’ll give you a twenty-year life span.” The monkey said, “how boring, monkey tricks for twenty years?” I don’t think so, Dog gave you back ten, so that’s what I’ll do too, Okay? And God agreed again. On the forth day God created man. God said, “eat, sleep, play, marry and enjoy your life. I’ll give you twenty years.” Man said, “What? Only twenty years! Tell you what, “I’ll take my twenty and the forty the cow gave back, and the then the dog gave back and the ten the monkey gave back, that makes eighty.”  “Okay” said God, “you’ve got a deal.” So that is why the first 20 years we eat, sleep, plan and enjoy ourselves; for the next 40 years we slave in the sun to support our family; for the next ten years we do monkey tricks to entertain the grandchildren; and for the last ten years we sit on the front porch and bark at everyone. Life has how been explained!

Here for the weekend with Connie and Charles Dove was Thomas and Joann Dove from Shreveport. They always stop by to say hello and of course to get thier favorite ice cream cone. Justin Thompson was here from Baton Rouge for the weekend with Terry and Denise Thompson. Bennie Wynn was honored for his birthday with a hamburger cook out with all the trimmings on Saturday at Greg and Jeanne Thompsons. Everyone enjoyed the food and fun as always.

Mara Thompson, Bride-elect of Kyle Brown of West Monroe was honored on Sunday August 17th, 2014 at the Bethel Gym. It was a kitchen/recipe shower. Mara got many useful gifts and delicious recipes to use. The reception table was filled with sausage balls, fruit kabobs, ham pinwheels, cupcakes, dip and crakers, bridal white punch, etc. Hostess for this occasion was Niki Thompson, Sarah Thompson and Maria Arnold. There was some twenty ladies who shared in the special day for Mara. Mara and Kyle will be wed on September 6th, 2014.

Happy Birthday this week to: My little great grandson, Hayes Chappll (2 years) Matt Pyles, Dan Rainwater, Kylie Clack (16 years) on August 21st, Tye Cheek on August 22nd,  MaKenzie and Addison Stokes on August 24th, Brian McCartney, Carly Pierce, Billy Clay, Kenny Johson, Holly Johnson and Raid Chappell on August 26th, and Charles Murray Clack (18 years) on August 27th, May these celebrate many, many more.

Anniversary wishes to: Donna and Duke Jones (33 years) on August 21st, Christine and Ben Reddick (56 years) Judy and Pete Richmond on August 23rd, my Pam and John (25 years) on August 24th, May these celebrate many more happy years together!

Have a good week. Please call and share! Don’t forget the class reunion and your cemetery donations.

Remember: The world is a spiritual Kindergarten, where thousands of the bewildered infants are trying to spell God with the wrong Blocks.


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