Golfing for a good cause

Golfing for a good cause

Delhi Lions Club President Tom Shelkie, left, and Dwight Clark chairman of the club’s annual golf read more

Accepting the challenge

Accepting the challenge

Richland Parish Superintendent of Schools Sheldon Jones and IEP Coordinator Sharon Claxton graciously read more

Truck damaged by flames

Truck damaged by flames

No one was injured when a 2005 Toyota Corolla driven by 93-year-old Wayne Phillips of Winnsboro traveling read more

Cupples wins first place in state newspaper contest

Cupples wins first place in state newspaper contest

Richland Beacon-News general manager Mary Terry presents Charlie Cupples with a plaque following his read more

  • Golfing for a good cause

  • Accepting the challenge

  • Truck damaged by flames

  • Cupples wins first...

COA staff members given raises

The Richland Parish Voluntary Council on Aging board of directors approved 20 percent raises for all employees Thursday night.

RVCOA director Beth Whatley said the raises were long overdue.

“We’ve got people who work four hours a day for minimum wage,” she said. “Nobody is getting rich.”

When times are rough, employees have taken pay cuts to support the programs.

“About four years ago, we lost some state funding,” Whatley explained. “In order to keep providing services to the elderly, all the office staff took pay cuts and cuts to their hours.”

Even today, Whatley noted, time sheets are marked with a note that says any overtime is considered a donation.

“When our people work past the end of their shift, they’re doing it voluntarily without pay,” Whatley said.

The only reason the raises became possible this week is that the COA received $133,000 in unexpected funding from the state.

“We were told it was to be used however we see fit,” Whatley said. “When looking at other COAs in the area, we realized our people are paid much, much less than anyone else.”

Whatley proposed 10 percent and 20 percent raises to the board of directors Thursday night and the board voted  6-4 to approve the 20 percent raises.

Whatley explained the raises would only cost about $29,000 of the $133,000 in funding.

“We also need a new roof and there are always other needs,” she said.

She also pointed out that if the state doesn’t repeat this extra funding next year, staff members might have to be cut back to their original pay.

“This will do nothing to take away from the services we provide for seniors,” she said.

Whatley pointed out the COA currently serves 32,000 meals a year to seniors. This includes 12,000  group meals at senior centers and 32,000 home-delivered meals.

“We’re just about the only COA that still delivers hot meals,” Whatley said. “Most COAs have gone to delivering five frozen meals once a week.”

Each week, the Richland COA delivers four hot meals and one sack lunch to meet its goal of keep seniors living at home as long as possible.

“We don’t just deliver the meals,” she said. “Our drivers check on the people when they deliver them. If they can’t get someone to the door, the call us and we call the family. And once a week, our drivers provide housekeeping services. They’ll go to the home and do laundry and sweep.”

In addition to state funding, the COA relies on its Sponsor a Senior program. Meals normally cost $3.32 each and the COA asks seniors for a $1 donation for each meal. 

However, no one is ever turned away for not being able to donate.

“With our Sponsor a Senior program, if someone wants to give $20 for a month of meals or $250 to cover a year’s meals for someone that helps us.”

None of the donate funds, she says, are ever used for staff salaries. This donated money goes solely to providing services for the elderly.

Police jury tax renewal placed on ballot again

The Richland Parish Police Jury will make a second attempt at passing a pair of tax renewals this December.

Police jurors passed a resolution Monday night to call a special election to consider renewing its one-cent and half-cent sales taxes for roads, drainage and courthouse maintenance.

Both taxes renewals were defeated  by approximately 58 percent of the vote when placed on the May 3 ballot.

Together, the two taxes provide the police jury for about $4.5 million per year which is used to fund work on roads, bridges, drainage and courthouse maintenance.

The resolution will place items to renew the two the sales taxes for a 10-year period  on the Dec. 6 ballot.

Police Juror Ronnie Gilley proposed amending the resolution in order to include paying for parishwide trash pickup as part of the sales tax package.

“I think we could restructure this to include paying for garbage pickup,” Gilley said.

He had suggested money could be taken from courthouse maintenance to pay for the service.

Juror Elliot Colvin said the only reason he would oppose the measure would be that it would cause people who already pay for trash pick, such as those living inside town limits, up to pay sales taxes which would fund other people’s pickup.

Police jury president Althan Smith questioned whether it was possible to alter the wording and purpose of the tax proposition this late in the process.

“I’m afraid if we change it, we’ll end up with no tax on the ballot,” Smith said.

Juror Jesse Washington seconded Gilley’s motion to add garbage pickup to the tax and the vote failed with only Gilley and Washington voting for it.

The motion to place the original tax proposition on the ballot then passed.

Rayville Dixie Angels Allstars third in nation

On Sunday, August 3, 2014, the Louisiana State Champion Rayville Dixie Angel Allstars presented for opening ceremonies at the Alabama Theatre at North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  

The 2014 Louisiana State Champions are Molly Allen, Mary Madilynn Bennett, Rylee Gibson, Ashlyn Sepulvado, Moriah Adams, Katelyn Branch, Olivia Dannehl, Gabrielle Riggins, Gracie Rowton, Kaleigh Smith, Morgan Tumilson, and Amelia Williams.  The Rayville Angel Allstars are coached by Tom Allen, Dan Branch, Kenny Sepulvado, Lyle Bennett, and Chris Dannehl.  

After drawing a first round bye, the Louisiana ladies defeated Florida by the score of 14-13.  The game was a nail-biter which see-sawed back and forth several times and took two extra innings to complete. 

 The Louisiana State Champions were led by pitchers Mary Madilynn Bennett, Ashlyn Sepulvado, and Gabrielle Riggins.  The Louisiana Allstars came from behind on three different occasions to claim the win.  Down by three runs in the bottom of the 7th, Rylee Gibson walked, Ashlyn Sepulvado singled, and Mary Madilynn Bennett doubled to score two runs. 

 With one out, Amelia Williams and Gracie Rowton singled.  At this point, one of the stars of the state tournament and the World Series, Gabrielle Riggins, came to the plate and doubled in the winning runs.  Gabrielle Riggins was three for four in the contest with three doubles.  Other Louisiana Allstars with runs batted in were Molly Allen, Rylee Gibson, Mary Madilynn Bennett, Olivia Dannehl, Amelia Williams, and Gracie Rowton.  The game was the closest and best game of the entire World Series according to the tournament directors.  

Later on the same day and despite Ashlyn Sepulvado’s two hitter, the Louisiana ladies lost to Virginia, the eventual tournament runner-up, by the score of 3-1.  The Louisiana champions actually outhit Virginia three to two with Gabrielle Riggins going two for two and Rylee Gibson going one for two.  However, there were more Virginia base runners and more of them driven in to insure the Virginia victory.

On Wednesday, August 6th, Mary Madilynn Bennett and Gabrielle Riggins faced only twelve batters and combined for a no-hitter with Louisiana defeating Alabama by the score of 10-0.  

Amelia Williams at rover made three spectacular plays to insure and preserve the no-hitter.  

Amelia Williams also contributed with a two RBI triple in the contest.  The ladies from Rayville scored five runs in the first and five runs in the third to force elimination.  The final two runs in the third were driven in by Kaleigh Smith.  

Scoring in the game were Molly Allen, Katelyn Branch, Rylee Gibson, Ashlyn Sepulvado, Amelia Williams, Gabrielle Riggins, and Olivia Dannehl.  

On Thursday, August 7th, with only three teams remaining in the tournament, the Louisiana State Champions’ run came to an end as the Rayville girls fell to the eventual champion, Georgia, by the score of 3-0.  The Louisiana ace, Mary Madilynn Bennett, walked none and threw strikes, which Georgia hit and which Louisiana defended.   

The Louisiana infield was very busy and very efficient, recording twelve putouts in the game.  The Georgia runs came on a bunt single and two hard hits to right field.

 The superb infield for the Louisiana Champions was Ashlyn Sepulvado at first base; Molly Allen at second base, Rylee Gibson at shortstop; Gracie Rowton at third base; Katelyn Branch at catcher; and Amelia Williams at rover.  The outfield consisted of Amelia Williams at rover; Gabrielle Riggins, Olivia Dannehl, Morgan Tumilson, Kaleigh Smith, and Moriah Adams. 

 The Dixie and tournament officials noted that the Louisiana team was the best defensive team at the tournament.  

After receiving their awards, the Louisiana State Champions retired from the complex where Georgia ultimately was crowned the Champion and Virginia was runner up. 

Rayville Dixie Belles win state

The Rayville Dixie Belles out-scored opponents 151 to 34 over six district tournament games and nine state championship tournament games to win the state title and are now qualified to play in the World Series. Players are Madison Frith, Macey Lee, Hannah Bickford, Micheala Lewis, Caitlyn Swain, Leann Franks, Marissa Crocket, Asia Wallace, Emily Neathery, Maggie Lee and Emily Hamm. Coaches are Darryn and Amber Frith.


Holly Ridge Happenings for Sept. 11, 2014

By Shirley Thompson

An Atheist’s View On Life

I will live my life according to these beliefs

God does not exist

It is just foolish to think

That there is a God with a cosmic plan

That an all-powerful God brings redemption and healing to the pain and suffering in the world

Is a comforting thought, however 

It is only wishful thinking

People can do as they please without eternal consequences

The idea that

I am deserving of Hell

Because of sin

Is a lie meant to make me a slave to those in power

“The more you have, the happier you will be”

Our existence has no grand meaning or purpose

In a world with no God

There is freedom to be who I want to be

But with God

Everything is fine

It is ridiculous to think

I am lost and in need of saving


(Read this from bottom to top)


Labor Day weekend visitors of Nette and Naoman Barrier from Philadelphia, Ms. were two of Naomans’ fishing buddies, Coy and Hilton Bozeman and thier wives Margie and Linda, his sister Dorothy Johnson. Margie is a Louisiana girl. The guys got a tour of Ricky Graham’s Combine farm operation by Naoman. Last stop before heading home was at the ice cream parlor. I enjoyed the visit too.

Lee Freeland and her daughter Martha Wallace rode out in the “country side” on Wednesday stopping in for a ice cream cone. Jean Bailey, Tammy, Amber and Laila from Ruston came by on Saturday to say hello.

The North Louisiana Vintage Tractor Club and the East Texas Tractor Club enjoyed their tractor trail ride on Saturday. They brought their old tractors to the Rayville Co-op Gin unloaded and headed this way. Hwy 80, Bee Bayou Rd, Smalling Road, 183 and to Bethel Church Gym where they enjoyed their lunch in the cool. There was eight tractors and some 16 club members on this ride. They have a ride in the spring and late Summer. Real neat I thought of course they all enjoyed (none other than) an ice cream cone.

My little great granddaughter, Myleane McMillan enjoyed her 4th birthday Sunday with a “Frozen” theme cake and goodies. My little great grandson Aiden Cheek celebrated his 3rd birthday at this mamaw Barbaras with a John Deere theme. They are making me older and older. Ha!

Thanks for the calls and cards saying they enjoyed our school reunion, appreciated the invitation and looking forward to next year.

Well, I now have the Holly Ridge Milltown Book, The Richland Memories and the Cook Book from the Rhymes Library come on by and get one.

Happy Birthday this week to: Kathy Calson, Carlo Mills and Lane Dew on September 11th, Kim Gilly and Patricia Sullivan on September 12th, Emily Lyle on September 13th, Mike Hardy, Adam Holly, Caleb Richard son, Steve Lofton, Jaime Williams and Spiner Lowry on September 14th, Matthew Mosely and Mary Nielson on September 15th, Mike Sanders on September 16th, James Werner Horn on September 17th. May these celebrate many more happy ones. 

Anniversary wishes to: Bro Troy and Joan Dennard on September 12th, Patsy and Butch Stokes on September 13th, Darlene and Leslie Siscoe on September 16th, Janice and Russ Shoemaker, Cassie and Trent Livingston, Sara and Menko Thompson on September 17th, May these share many more happy years together!

Have a good week! Please call and share your happenings.

Remember: When you close your eyes to the devil, make sure it is not a wink!


Outlook for Sept. 4, 2014

By Melba Hendrix

Hello. hello, for the first time in this new month of September.  This  year is surely slipping right on by as we have only three full months until the new year of 2015 dawns on  the lst of January.

As you readers might suppose, I do have a kind of fascination with days, weeks, months and how they all work out together in a year’s time.  Oh, yes...........

I am so enjoying this nice weather we have been blessed with lately.  We had a bit of rain; but, I don’t think it was enough to make a lot of difference to the farmers - one way or another.  I do recall that the fall season is usually one of harvesting of crops on farmland; but, even that has gone through a bit of change.  My father was a farmer and we always had a big garden with all kinds of vegetables.  We ate well out of the garden and Mom and I canned some of the extra veggies in jars for the winter months.  Nothing was wasted on the farm if we could use it somehow and canned items lasted a long time.

I have been watching the trees around my home area to see when they start changing color; but, it has been too hot lately to even think about cooler fall weather.  I do believe that we have had the hottest weather lately that we’ve had for the whole summer.  But, September will surely bring some changes and I am ready for them, I think......

CHUCKLE #1 - Little Willie had been acting up in Sunday School and his teacher was trying to reprove him.  “I am very much afraid, Willie, that I will not meet you in heaven,” she said.

“Gee, that’s too bad,” the boy sympathized.  “What have you been doing wrong, teacher?”  ??

So, let’s move on and see what else I can bring forth in the way of information about family doings.  THe annual Hendrix family reunion was held this year at D’Arbonne State Park (which is located several mlles beyond the town of Farmerville, LA.) Beginning Friday evening, folks from Wyoming, Kansas, Kentucky, Arkansas and Louisiana gathered at their cabins in the park and enjoyed visiting each other, eating good food and catching up on family happenings since the last meeting.

My son, Kirby and his wife, Linda, had picked me up on Saturday morning at my home and we all arrived at the camp-grounds to join the crowd of kinfolks already there at the park.  This is really a nice place for a large gathering since the cabins are quite spacious and they are spaced far enough apart that you don’t have to worry about noise bothering a neighbor.

We all congregated Saturday in the large dining room to enjoy our noon meal which various families had provided.  The food was so tasty and I really appreciated not having to bother with any cooking for this event.

I believe Kirby counted up a total of forty-nine (49) people who attended this three-day event.

And, although it was sad to see Monday come, plans for next year’s event were already being made.  Oh, yes, indeed..... (I only attended the first day (Saturday) of this reunion.  I don’t think I could have made it through the three days like the others.  I have become a real “home believer”.

I just love to be tucked in each evening when darkness comes.  OH, yes, indeed

CHUCKLE #2 - A man entered a hat shop and informed the clerk as follows:  “I have just lost a bet and I’d like to buy a soft hat.”

The clerk selected one and handed it to the customer, saying, “This is the softest hat we have, sir.”

The man regarded the hat dubiously.  “What I really want is something a little more tender.  You see, I’ve got to eat it,”     Hmmm????

Moving on, I am thinking more of the fall weather to come this month and in October.  I love to see the red, brown and gold leaves on the trees before they fall to the ground.  Now, the raking and gathering up of those leaves is another situation - but, I will not try to deal with that matter right now, either.  I’ll think more about that later on.........Yes, I will......

Birthdays are soon coming up for:  Dennis Thames on 9/4; for Shayne King, Joyce King, Brandy Crawford, James Sullivan on 9/5 and also for Timothy Jones who is the two-year old grandson of a good friend of mine, Susan Hall.  (I think Susan is giving a special party for this lad on his birthday.}

Other birthdays are coming up for Skyler Arnold, Timothy Grissom and Ben Morris on 9/6; for Steve Weeks and Emily Dupree on 9/7 and for Jordan Barton, Shirley Beach, A. J. Shows, Lee Orville Freeland, David Doughty and Dorothy LeQuin on 9/8.  May all of these birthday folks enjoy a great celebration of their special natal day and we wish them “many, many more....Oh, Yes, indeed......

And, that will just about bring another Outlook effort to a close for one more week.  I will hope to meet each one of you dear readers next week in the same way....Oh, yes.....

PARTING THOUGHT:  You may have sometimes asked about something that is advertised as a bargain.  One guy, Franklin P. Adams, put it like this:  “A bargain is something you can’t use at a price you can’t resist.”  (Oh, yes, I will admit to buying such a bargain once in a while......)

Check back for the latest sports scores. Sports scores coming soon!

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