Officials break ground for new state veteran’s cemetery

Officials break ground for new state veteran’s cemetery

Former District Attorney Billy Coenen addresses those gathered to honor our nation’s veterans on read more

Thames wins Aycock Service Award

Thames wins Aycock Service Award

The Rayville Kiwanis Club awarded Timmie Ray Thames the first annual Sellers Aycock Jr., Service Award read more

Delhi closer to new learning center

Delhi closer to new learning center

Going over the plans for Delhi’s new learning center are, from left, former police chief Willie Lee, read more

Honoring the elderly

Honoring the elderly

Gospel recording artist Ben Waites performs during the Richland Parish Sheriff’s Office/Triad Thanksgiving read more

  • Officials break ground...

  • Thames wins Aycock...

  • Delhi closer to new...

  • Honoring the elderly

Holidays bake sale scheduled

The Rhymes Memorial Library’s annual Holiday’s Bake Sale will be held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Dec. 5 at the Rhymes Memorial Library. 

Anyone who would like to bring an item or two to donate for sale is encouraged to do so. The sale will include holiday candies, cookies, cakes, cupcakes and casseroles and many more holiday treats.

For more information,  call the Rhymes Memorial Library at 728-4127 from 9 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday.

Salvation Army ready for the holiday season

The Salvation Army will bring holiday cheer to more than 500 young people in the Richland, Franklin and Madison parish area.

The Salvation Army will distribute Christmas gifts to 250 children at the Rayville Civic Center on Dec. 10, to 230 children at First Baptist Church, Winnsboro, on Dec. 11 and 35 children at the Richmond Civic Center in Talullah on Dec. 16. All gifts will be distributed between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Anyone wishing to adopt one of those Christmas Angels and provide them with Christmas presents may do so by stopping by BancorpSouth. The Salvation Army tree is in the bank lobby and each child’s Christmas wish list is written out on a tag on the tree.

Area residents can also contribute by donating toys to the Salvation’s Army’s toy drive. Toys collected during the drive will be used to supplement those given by people who adopted Angels and fill in missing items.

The deadline for dropping off toy donations is Dec. 1 and they may be dropped off at Delhi Hospital, Commercial Capital Bank, State Farm Insurance and Delhi United Methodist Church in Delhi; BancorpSouth, Richland State Bank, Fox’s Pizza, Richland Parish Library and Rayville United Methodist Church in Rayville; and Complex Chemical and Finishing Touch in Tallulah; and Waller-Singer Chevrolet, Franklin Medical Center, Sango GMC and Progressive Bank in Winnsboro.

Volunteers are also needed to man the Salvation Army’s Kettles beginning Nov. 28.

This year, the Salvation Army will man kettles at WalMart and Brookshire’s in Rayville, Brookshire’s in Delhi and Walmart in Winnsboro.

The kettles will be manned from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily and volunteer bellringers will be needed for each shift. Groups and individuals can volunteer to work as bell ringers for as little as two hours or as much as a whole day. Half-day shifts are preferred but there is no limit.

Those wishing to get involved as bell ringers can contact BancorpSouth at 728-4423 for more information or to be placed into the schedule.

Rayville Dixie Angels Allstars third in nation

On Sunday, August 3, 2014, the Louisiana State Champion Rayville Dixie Angel Allstars presented for opening ceremonies at the Alabama Theatre at North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  

The 2014 Louisiana State Champions are Molly Allen, Mary Madilynn Bennett, Rylee Gibson, Ashlyn Sepulvado, Moriah Adams, Katelyn Branch, Olivia Dannehl, Gabrielle Riggins, Gracie Rowton, Kaleigh Smith, Morgan Tumilson, and Amelia Williams.  The Rayville Angel Allstars are coached by Tom Allen, Dan Branch, Kenny Sepulvado, Lyle Bennett, and Chris Dannehl.  

After drawing a first round bye, the Louisiana ladies defeated Florida by the score of 14-13.  The game was a nail-biter which see-sawed back and forth several times and took two extra innings to complete. 

 The Louisiana State Champions were led by pitchers Mary Madilynn Bennett, Ashlyn Sepulvado, and Gabrielle Riggins.  The Louisiana Allstars came from behind on three different occasions to claim the win.  Down by three runs in the bottom of the 7th, Rylee Gibson walked, Ashlyn Sepulvado singled, and Mary Madilynn Bennett doubled to score two runs. 

 With one out, Amelia Williams and Gracie Rowton singled.  At this point, one of the stars of the state tournament and the World Series, Gabrielle Riggins, came to the plate and doubled in the winning runs.  Gabrielle Riggins was three for four in the contest with three doubles.  Other Louisiana Allstars with runs batted in were Molly Allen, Rylee Gibson, Mary Madilynn Bennett, Olivia Dannehl, Amelia Williams, and Gracie Rowton.  The game was the closest and best game of the entire World Series according to the tournament directors.  

Later on the same day and despite Ashlyn Sepulvado’s two hitter, the Louisiana ladies lost to Virginia, the eventual tournament runner-up, by the score of 3-1.  The Louisiana champions actually outhit Virginia three to two with Gabrielle Riggins going two for two and Rylee Gibson going one for two.  However, there were more Virginia base runners and more of them driven in to insure the Virginia victory.

On Wednesday, August 6th, Mary Madilynn Bennett and Gabrielle Riggins faced only twelve batters and combined for a no-hitter with Louisiana defeating Alabama by the score of 10-0.  

Amelia Williams at rover made three spectacular plays to insure and preserve the no-hitter.  

Amelia Williams also contributed with a two RBI triple in the contest.  The ladies from Rayville scored five runs in the first and five runs in the third to force elimination.  The final two runs in the third were driven in by Kaleigh Smith.  

Scoring in the game were Molly Allen, Katelyn Branch, Rylee Gibson, Ashlyn Sepulvado, Amelia Williams, Gabrielle Riggins, and Olivia Dannehl.  

On Thursday, August 7th, with only three teams remaining in the tournament, the Louisiana State Champions’ run came to an end as the Rayville girls fell to the eventual champion, Georgia, by the score of 3-0.  The Louisiana ace, Mary Madilynn Bennett, walked none and threw strikes, which Georgia hit and which Louisiana defended.   

The Louisiana infield was very busy and very efficient, recording twelve putouts in the game.  The Georgia runs came on a bunt single and two hard hits to right field.

 The superb infield for the Louisiana Champions was Ashlyn Sepulvado at first base; Molly Allen at second base, Rylee Gibson at shortstop; Gracie Rowton at third base; Katelyn Branch at catcher; and Amelia Williams at rover.  The outfield consisted of Amelia Williams at rover; Gabrielle Riggins, Olivia Dannehl, Morgan Tumilson, Kaleigh Smith, and Moriah Adams. 

 The Dixie and tournament officials noted that the Louisiana team was the best defensive team at the tournament.  

After receiving their awards, the Louisiana State Champions retired from the complex where Georgia ultimately was crowned the Champion and Virginia was runner up. 

Rayville Dixie Belles win state

The Rayville Dixie Belles out-scored opponents 151 to 34 over six district tournament games and nine state championship tournament games to win the state title and are now qualified to play in the World Series. Players are Madison Frith, Macey Lee, Hannah Bickford, Micheala Lewis, Caitlyn Swain, Leann Franks, Marissa Crocket, Asia Wallace, Emily Neathery, Maggie Lee and Emily Hamm. Coaches are Darryn and Amber Frith.


Outlook for Nov. 27, 2014

By Melba Hendrix

Hello, hello to all our dear and special readers for one more week which is the last full week in this month of November.  And, it does seem to have been a really long month - but, it actually has only thirty days in it.  And, it also includes the very special holiday, Thanksgiving, which we will celebrate on Thursday, November 27th.  As I have said before, I leave the “when and where” up to my son, Kirby, to decide on these holiday get-togethers.  The older I get, the more I approve of simplicity when it is possible.  Oh, yes - it works just fine for me.........

So, what has been going on in my life that I can talk about? I have just been enjoying the usual activities of taking a walk in the late afternoon with my little pooch, “Cookie” around our neighborhood.  And, I think she looks forward to these outings as much as I do.  I know she would go down fighting in an effort to protect me from any danger that might appear; but, we have good neighbors so I don’t need to worry about that matter.

I plan to send some Christmas cards this year and I must do a little more preparation for that effort.  My son, Kirby, has been helping me to locate some of my longtime friends lately.  And, I was so pleased last week to receive a long telephone call from my friend, “Irma Cason” who lived in the same area of southeast Arkansas and went to the same school with me.  Irma and I chatted quite a while.  She now lives in the state of Washington and I don’t really know just how all that moving evolved.  I think she and her husband first moved to California after leaving Arkansas.  I believe she told me that she had four children and that one had died.  I’m sure we will be talking some more in the near future and I am looking forward to that.

I also have friends in Colorado where my late husband and I lived for two years and our son, Kirby was born in that state.  Kirby tried to get a call through to that lady; but, I don’t think he ever got an answer.  I’m hoping to get a Christmas card from her this year.  Anyway,  I intend to send her a card to the last address I have for her.

CHUCKLE #1 - “Mommy,” said little Judy  “did you ever see a cross-eyed bear?”

“Why, no, Judy,” chuckled her mother.  “But why do you ask?”

“Well, in Sunday School this morning, we sang about ‘the consecrated cross-eyed bear,’ “.........???

And, I do think that we are having some lovely fall weather and I just plan to keep right on with everyday routine and I believe it will all work out just fine.  The month of December will arrive in just a few more days and I will do a little more shopping after that.

December has to be the most special month of all since it has the celebration of Christmas - the most favorite holiday for most folks.  Oh, yes indeed - especially for the children as they grow up and learn all of the traditions of their parents and most other folks.

As most of you long-time readers know, I grew up on an isolated farm in the southeast corner of Arkansas.  All three of my older brothers served in the US Army during WWII.  We had no electricity nor running water and I had to walk a bit more than a mile out to the graveled road to catch the schoolbus.  I also learned to milk a cow and I helped my Mom as she milked the other cow.

We also had a bunch of chickens and our diet included fried chicken or chicken and dumplings pretty often.  And, we had a lot of wooded area on our farm and there were plenty of wild deer growing up there - so one of the brothers would go out hunting and bring home that good deer meat.  My dad raised a lot of hogs, so we had bacon and ham to eat most of the time.  The meat had to be dressed out and “smoked and cured” over a low fire to make sure that it wouldn’t spoil.  Somehow, we all survived and eventually all returned to the southern states to live after the years in Colorado.  My parents returned to the area over in Texas where they had grown up prior to moving to Louisiana and eventually Arkansas where I grew up.  They are both deceased and buried over in Texas near the Arkansas line.  (That is a good bit of “recollection” and sounds kind of mixed-up; but, I think most of our readers can figure out what I am trying to say......Oh. yes,,,,,,,,,

CHUCKLE #2 - A wise school-teacher sends this note to all parents on the first day of each school year:  “If you will promise to not believe everything that your child says happens at school, I will promise not to believe everything he or she says that happens at home.” ????

I used to make lists of all the things I needed to do and within the time frame allowed for them.  Sometimes that works out pretty well for me and then it may fail once in a while.  Oh, well, if at first I don’t succeed, then I just put it on my “to do” list again.  Eventually, it gets done - most of the time - if not, then I will come up with an alternate plan.  Oh, yes - you have to expect repetition somewhere along the way.........Yes, indeed............

So, the time is growing shorter for me to wind up this week’s column, so I had better get on with it and we always have some folks with birthdays coming up and this week, they are as follows:  Claude Templeton on

11/27; Jan Chapman and Carol Ann Morris on 11/28; Melvin Barton and Angela Jordan on 11/29; Joe Comeaux,

Lydia O’Neal and Matthew Word on 11/30 and for Sara Thames on 12/2.  May all of these folks celebrate their natal day in a most special way and we wish them many, many more......Oh, yes......

And some folks are still celebrating wedding anniversaries and they are:  Claude and Carolyn Mercer on 11/28 and Wayland and Linda Colvin on 11/29.  And, we would wish them many more happy  years together....Oh, yes indeed.   You betcha!!!

So, I do believe that will just about complete this Outlook column for one more week.  So, I will say goodbye, so long, farewell and all that usual patter.  May we all meet again next week through this same medium and may the good Lord continue to be with us in all that we attempt that is good and right in His sight.  Oh, yes,  indeed........

PARTING THOUGHT:  Some folks cause happiness where-ever they go - while other folks cause it when they go.????  Oh, yes, I have known both kind of those folks.  Oh, yes, indeed........


Holly Ridge Happenings for Nov. 27, 2014

By Shirley Thompson


Thank you, God for everything, the big things and the small, “For every good gift from God” the giver of the all. And all too often we except without any thanks or praise. The gifts God sends as blessings each day in many ways. First, thank you for the little things that often come our way. The things we take for granted but don’t mention when we pray. Then, thank you for the “Miracles” we are much to blind to see, and give us new awareness of our many gifts from Thee, and help us to remember that the key to life and living. Is to make each prayer a prayer of thanks and everyday Thanksgiving. I wish each of a very healthy and happy Thanksgiving.


Bobbie Stell has enjoyed  her sister while they were in Delhi with thier mom, Mrs Fay Martin, Becky Olero from Farmington N.M. Barbara Griffin from Anderson, Texas and Bonnie Dooley of Delhi. They were here for almost a week, so they had a lot of time to talk about everything.

Justin Thompson is here from Baton Rouge for the Thanksgiving holiday with Terry and Denise and George!

Wednesday I enjoyed my little great neice, Sarah Green McElroy and her babby girl, my little great, great nice Lily here for a good visit. I was beginning to think that Lily would be grown before I got to see her again. Time does fly and she is “rottone” but we love her anyway!

Saturday, Sandra Blaylock Smith from Monroe stopped inwith her mother, Imogene Blaylock for a brief visit on their way to the service for Mrs. Ruth Rawls. Also my cousin son, Heath Jordan were over at Bethel Cemetery and come to say hello and visit. Lordy it doesn’t take kids long to get grown now and that means I’m an “old” women now. Thankful for that tho. Happy Thanksgiving to my readers. You are a blessing to me.

Happy Birthday this week to: Wenday Walters on November 27th, Richard Cole Bagby, Randal Scott Cheek on November 28th, Drew Holley on November 29th, Jeanette Graham Barrier, Lucille Winstead, Naomi Walker and Beth Sanders on November 30th, Whitney Kay Hurt, Carson Thompson and my little freind Mandy Parker (14 years) on December 1st, Dylan Dew and Marvin Reiger on December 2nd, May each of these celebrate many more happy ones!

Anniversary wishes to Angie and Spence Clack (17 years) on November 28th. May they share many more happy years together!

Have a great week! Please call and share your visits and visitors with our community!

Remember: “God is not a luxury you can’t afford. He’s a Necessity you truly can’t live without!


Check back for the latest sports scores. Sports scores coming soon!

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