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Why Trump for President? The next Presidential election could be the most important election in your lifetime. It will decide what kind of Country we will have in the future: a Socialist government or a Capitalist Free Enterprise

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Since its opening in 2010, Lamb Weston of Delhi has been a wave of good returns to the Richland Parish economy and community.  Formerly known as ConAgra, Lamb Weston created a massive new market for sweet potato farmers in Northeast Louisiana, which lowered overhead and utility costs by avoiding 100% fresh pack production.

Letter to the Editor

What makes a father isn’t the ability to conceive a child. It’s having the courage to raise one.

Animals reproduce. Flowers reproduce.

There is a father absence crisis in America.

As a father, loving, support, guidance and encouragement will make your child feel safe and protected when their father is around.


As a kidney transplant surgeon and board member of the National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana, I work to treat chronic kidney patients every day to help them have a better quality of life. Their care and lives are in my hands and I take this responsibility very seriously. This is why the National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana and kidney transplant professionals and patients support HB 263 by Representative Huval to update the state's step therapy law and ensure that Louisiana patients have access to the right medicine at the right time.


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