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A slave was once sent by his master on an errand that did not suit him. He did not want to go, but he went as his master commanded him. 

When he came to a river, he turned back, and said,  “Master, I came to a river, and I could not swim across it.” 

“Well, was there not a ferry boat to take you across?”

“Yes, there was a ferry boat but the man that manned the boat was on the other side.” 

“Well,” said the master, “ did you call to the ferry man to come and take you across? 

No, he did not think of doing that for he did not wish to go over, and he was glad to find an excuse. Now, it is true, sinner, that you cannot save yourself, but there is One who can. There is a ferryboat, and there is a ferry man. Trusting on Jesus’ finished work on the cross is the only way to cross over into Heaven. Cry to him! 

Cry to him, “Master, across the river be pleased to take me; I cannot swim it, but thou can’st bear me over it. Oh! Do for me what I cannot do for myself! Make me to be accepted by forgiving my sins!” 

If you seek the Lord, He will be found of you. 

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6

Steve and Jamie Lofton motored up to Texarkana for the long Labor Day weekend with their children Josh and Jenna Bolster, Stephen, Ethan and Maxwell. Cathy C. Sharplin called me Sunday night from Austin Texas to say thanks and how much she enjoyed the class reunion. Ha, I did too! We also had three from the class of 1959 at our get-together!

Oh! I received yet another postcard from Sara, the girl in the “crazy R.V” She is back from England, helped her parents move in Florida and is now on The Great River Road from Minnesota to New Orleans. She was in Illinois. My postcard was from Casey Illinois and a picture of the largest mail box.

A thought; God can’t fill you when you are full of yourself. Right?

Happy Birthday this week to: Connie Cheek on September 6th, David Toney on September 7th, Wayne Hubbard, Tyler Rawls, Glenn Stanley on September 8th, Mrs. Mary (ole granny) Russell, Alan Thompson and my great grandson, Aiden Cheek on September 10th, Kathy Colson, Lane Dew and Cole Mills on September 11th, Kim Gilley, Tammie Johnson, Patricia Sullivan on September 12th. May these celebrate many more happy ones!

Anniversary wishes to: Stella and Freddie McLemore on September 10th, Bro. Troy and Jooan Dennard on September 12th. I wish them many more happy years together!

Have a great week but please call and share!

Remember: Worship gets you through the hardest times in your life because it shifts your focus from the problem to the PROBLEM SOLVER.

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