Delhi chief says video shows troubling behavior

A video discovered as part of an ongoing undercover investigation has led Delhi’s police chief to question the judgment of one of the town’s alderman.

“Alderman Larry Rancher seems to be giving informants information on where to find drugs,” Delhi Police Chief Roy Williams said. “He’s not doing anything he can be arrested for, but I do believe it’s an ethics violation.”

Williams said the video was taken July 30, 2019 at Fifth and Foster streets in Delhi by informants.

“That’s something we do as part of our ongoing undercover investigations,” Williams said.

Fall tee ball, baseball planned for Mangham area

Registration is currently open for Mangham’s first fall tee ball season.

“Unfortunately, peewee football season will be cancelled, so this is a great opportunity to have our kids involved in a sporting event this fall,” organizer Derrick Tillery said.

 Registration is $80 online through Mangham Dixie Facebook or someone will be at the Mangham boy’s field from 6-9 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday until registration ends Aug. 26.

Riverfield Raiders begin MAIS football season

I don’t guess there would be anyone to disagree that 2020 has been a very strange, difficult and challenging year.

With school attendance ending in mid-March, the teachers and students were forced to adapt to online teaching and learning.

At Riverfield campus, improvements took place, however, over an extended off season and on Aug. 5 RA students returned to school to begin the 2020/21 school year. The beginning of school always means that football season is here.


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