Rayville author publishes new children’s book

The Special Tree is an enchanting children’s story about a little boy who learns the importance of Christ’s birth that impacted the practice of symbolism in celebrating Christmas.

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Rayville native Jackie Dulaney Smith’s new book magnifies God’s wisdom-filled plan for mankind’s salvation that culminated with the birth of Jesus Christ, which paved a path for humanity to enjoy his love and grace by celebrating the Yuletide season.

“This story is the adventure of a boy out to get a special tree,” Smith said. “He and his dog go looking for this tree, but snow causes them to look for a place to wait out the storm. In the cave they meet a jolly little man that tells them the story of the first Christmas tree. 

“This book is full of adventure and a tale of a unique tree. It also tells a story of the birth of Jesus. This story was inspired by the author’s grandson and her own adventure to get his special tree.”

Smith was born in 1944 to Clydie and Cisro Dulaney a poor farming family, very close knit with seven children in the Northeast part of Louisiana. Deeply centered in the bible,her mother would tell each child stories, while lying on her breast. Some stories were from memory while others were rooted in scripture. 

As being next to the baby, she cherished the time spent listening to her Mother and learning from the stories.Once she became a mother that prompted her to remember and relate some of the early years to her son and grandchildren.

Smith went to Rayville school from first to 12th grade and still has many friends and family who live in Rayville.

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