Police Report

The Rayville Police Department made the following arrests for the week of Nov. 18 through Dec. 1.

• Darren Collins, 29; 314 Wood S., Rayville; simple battery.

• Christopher Jones, 18; 316 Russell St., Apt. 56, Rayville; simple criminal trespass.

• Satiesia Thornton, 23; 1104 Killoden Drive, Monroe; simple battery on a juvenile.

• Jalexis Kelley, 18; 119 Loy St., Rayville; simple criminal trespass.

• Charlene Foster, 43; 207 Russell St., Rayville; simple criminal trespass.

• Nykerria Foster, 21; 207 Russell St., Rayville; simple criminal trespass and disturbing the peace by fighting.

• Amanda Smith, 29; 208 B Eugene St., Rayville; failure to appear on indecent exposure and failure to appear on disturbing the peace (general).

• Taryn Washington, 18, 114 Fifth St., Delhil disturbing the peace by fighting.

• Harley Washington, 21, 114 Fifth St., Delhi; disturbing the peace by fighting.

• Zakevia Anderson, 21, 206-B Eugene St., Rayville; disturbing the peace by fighting.

• LeKevia Anderson, 219 Russell St., Rayville; disturbing the peace by fighting.

• Eric Murpy, 25, 142-A South Circle Drive, Rayville;  damage to property greater than $1,000.

• Cam’Ron Hicks, 18, 831 Hwy 80, Tallulah; armed robbery and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

• Michael Godfrey, 34, 1402 N. Causeway Blvd., Mandeville; theft less than $300.

• Fredrick Wheeler, 33, 1902 Louisa St., Rayville; disturbing the peace by profanity.

• Seven juveniles were arrested. Threewere charged with simple criminal trespass, two with disturbing the peace by fighting, one with terrorism and one with aggravated assault.

•  •  •

The Rayville Police Department issued a total of 20 traffic citations in the past two weeks.

 That number includes 10 for speeding, two for improper lane usage with an accident and one each for running a red light, improper muffler, improper turn, expired tag, failure to signal turn, failure to yield with an accident, careless operation and expired MVI over six months.

•  •  •

Rayville Police Chief Willie Robinson advised all citizens of Rayville that it is very important to be in court if you are scheduled to appear. 

“Whether you have been scheduled to appear in court on a traffic citation or as the victim, witness or suspect of a crime, if you’ve been scheduled to appear in court, it’s mandatory to appear,” the chief said.

 Chief Robinson stated that failure to appear in court as scheduled will result in a bench warrant being issued for your arrest. 

 “If a bench warrant is issued, you will be located and arrested for failure to appear and you may be incarcerated,” he said. “You will also accrue additional fines.”

Chief Robinson would like to caution all citizens about buying stolen merchandise.

He asks that if you buy items such as guns, TVs, cellphones, etc.  you will be charged with possession of stolen things. Ask yourself, “Is this person an authorized dealer of this merchandise?” 

“Do not buy anything off the streets, because if you are approached on the streets chances are it is stolen,” he said. “I truly believe if you cut out the demand, then there won’t be any supply.”

Chief Robinson further stated that we have a zero tolerance for fighting in the town of Rayville.

“I can’t stress enough the importance of not fighting. The price you have to pay for fighting in the town limits of Rayville is costly.” the chief said. “I encourage you to walk away and let my officers handle your disputes. I ask all to remember for every action there is a reaction.”

Chief Robinson encourages all citizens to come by Rayville Police Department at 900 Harrison Street or call 318-725-4431 if you need his assistance in any way.

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