Police Report

The Rayville Police Department made the following arrests for the week of July 22-29.

• Donald Jones, 62; 4636 Hwy. 80, Rayville; domestic abuse battery and driving under suspension.

• Frederick Wheeler, 42; 1902 Louisa St., Rayville; disturbing the peace (general).

• Jessie Taylor, 49; 109 A Coenen Drive, Rayville; filing a false police report.

• Tony Jackson, 26; 955 Kiloden Drive, Monroe; failure to appear for improper lane use with an accident and failure to appear for driving under suspension.

• Kenny Miller, 42; 101 Meadowlark St., Rayville; disturbing the peace by simple drunk.

• Purvis Means, 55; 111 Camille St., Rayville; driving under suspension.

• One juvenile was charge with disturbing the peace by fighting this week.

•  •  •

The Rayville Police Department issued a total of nine traffic citations this week. That number includes five for speeding, two for improper turn and one each for running a stop sign and failure to yield with an accident. 

•  •  •

Rayville Police Chief Willie Robinson advised all citizens of Rayville the Rayville Police Department has a zero tolerance policy concerning acts of violence, including fighting. 

“If you engage in an act of violence, you will be arrested whether or not you are at the scene when the officer arrives to investigate,” said the chief. 

Chief Robinson stated that one of his primary objectives is now and has always been to maintain the peace and safety of the streets of Rayville for all citizens. Chief Robinson also advised that there is never a good reason to resort to physical violence to resolve a dispute. 

“If you find yourself in a situation that could deteriorate into physical violence, the best solution at that time is either to walk away or to call for law enforcement assistance,” said the chief.

Chief Robinson would also like to remind all motorists of the importance of keeping their vehicle documentation up-to-date. 

“You are required by law to have a current motor vehicle inspection sticker, vehicle registration and proof of insurance in your vehicle any time that the vehicle is in operation,” said the chief. 

Chief Robinson also advised that anyone driving the vehicle should also carry a valid driver’s license.

Chief Robinson encourages all citizens to come by the Rayville Police Department at 900 Harrison St. or to call 728-4431 if you need his help in any way.

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