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Holly Ridge Happenings

By Shirley Thompson

The Greek word from which our word “character” originates refers to a sharp-pointed instrument or engraving tool. This definition can also be applied to our personal “character.” It is our character which that is the means by which each of us makes an impression on the world; our character labels us. The instrument itself is not a finished product. It is a mere tool; but like many a fine instrument, character improves with use. Our actions and reactions temper our disposition and make us stronger for facing future obstacles. Each must be responsible for keeping it in condition. Each must be responsible for its results.

My week was great once more with friends coming by. W.T. and Madeline W. Darnell and Charlene W. Duscharne were her. They had been to Sulphur La. for W.T to preach at the church he pastored for I believe he said 30 five years. That’s quite a while. The next day they were going to Tyler Texas to visit their sister, Jean W. Melton before leaving to go home to the Carolina’s.
Chris Patrick and daughter, Macy from Near St. Louis come up to see me before heading home. They were here with his mom, Sharon Blaylock at the time of his step-fathers, Bennie Blaylock’s service.

It amazes me how much “little” children grow up when you don’t see them often.

Monday brought Donald and Sue Norman from Mountain View Arkansas by for a visit, a real good visit.

Dan and Carol Little were also here on Monday. They are very faithful to check on me, and I’m very grateful.

The lovely home of Kim Mills was the setting for a “baby boy” brunch shower for April Ayman. It was in her beautiful outdoor kitchen. The decorations was of small deer antlers, so unique. The food served to some twenty plus ladies consist of cheese grits with shrimp, biscuits and jelly, antler cookies, petits fours, fruit, coffee, orange juice and lemon water, etc. She received so many lovely and useful gifts. The shower was hosted by Kim Mills, June McCartney, Vanessa Thompson, Jeannie Thompson, Patricia Thompson, Toni Elkins. Great time was had by all.

Our love and heartfelt sympathy goes out to Becky Herrington and her little family in the homegoing of their loved one Bro. David Herrington. She knows that God will take care of here and his love will sustain her during this time. May God’s blessing be with them always.

Happy Birthday this week to Donnie Maxwell, and Billy Richarson on June 15th, Kim Mills, Linday H Duck, Aryanna Hobbs, Leslie Sisco on June 17th, Amanda S. Gurney on June 18th, my little granddaughter in law Emily Lynn Thompson on June 21st. May these celebrate many more happy ones!

Anniversary wishes to: Charlene and Shannon Mercer on June 15th, Jessica and Shannon Maxwell on June 16th, Martha and John Jordan on June 17th, June and Buddy McCartney on June 20th. May these share many more happy years together!

Have a great week. Call and share.

Remember: God and I have this arrangement. If He wakes me up to see another day, I promise to try to be a better person that I was yesterday.

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