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Holly Ridge Happenings

By Shirley Thompson

Don’t Dig It Up

Worms, and other insects, take up their habitation under the surface of the earth. A plot of ground may be outwardly covered with grass, and decorated with flowers. Take a spade in your hand, and turn up the solid ground. and you soon have a sample of the creatures and filth that lurk beneath. Temptation is the spade which breaks up the ground of a believer’s heart, and helps him discover the corruption of his fallen nature.

Coming by last week were the Chance girls, Robertine, Vema, and Jeanette. They were just riding around the country side and by the cemeteries. It is always good when people like them come by.

Ralph and Janet Cheek got a call from their granddaughter Karliegh Cheek telling them how excited she was that she had made cheerleader at her school out in Texas.

Congratulations Karleigh from your Aunt Shirley who many years back was cheerleader for Holly Ridge. I hope she is much better than I was. Ha!

Their other granddaughter, Robyn Cheek told her great news, she has been accepted at the Texas A&M College. That is quite and honor Robyn. We’re proud of her!

Well, the mighty Mississippi River is on the rise again and my Greg and Jeanne are having to move out to higher ground. You never get used to that.

Enjoying a cruise recently on the Trump to Cozemel was, Steve and Janice Lofton, Dan and Doris Martinez, Michael and Lisa Martinez and Daniel and Taylor Martinez (Newly weds) Had an enjoyable Cruise.

Mrs. Ruth Odom was honored on Easter Sunday for her 91st birthday at her home with all of her children there.

Tanya Thompson enjoyed her retirement party on Saturday given by her children at the home of Mara and Kyle Brown’s home on Deborah Drive in Monroe.

Dennis Farrar stopped in on Wednesday on his way up to Cleveland to be with his son for a day or so. Same on Dennis.

Stopping by late Wednesday was Bro. Troy Dannard after service at McKnight Cemetery for Bobbie Swain Haston. Hadn’t seen in a while was good to see him.

The benefit at Kings Camp on Saturday was a great Big success. Ben Outdone himself on the Crawfish boil which was delicious. Thanks to everyone who particapted. Mrs. Roberta Parker of Start was surprised on her 88th birthday when Pat Gwyns and
Mary Russell brought ice cream and cake to help her celebrate. She is a sweet little lady.

Thanks to you who called about last weeks write up. At least I know you missed me, but I’m fine was not sick Ha!

Happy Birthday to: Juri Thompson, Zodie Nix and Kaden Graham on May 4th, Keith Holley, Todd Stokes, Dawn Walker on May 5th. Gloria Hough, Kylie and Caroline Mills, Taylor Kennedy on May 6th, Joey Richardson on May 8th. Kasie McPherson, Jace Clack, Colby Sanders on April 27th, Amy Whittington Barton and Sandra Guest on April 28th, Jordan Holly, Miranda Holly on April 29th, Carol Slayton Thompson, Abigale McManus , Olivia Graham on April 30th, Mia Weems, Mrs Hazel Toney on May 1st, Brady Richardson, Summer Vaughn, Juanita Grigsby, Ted Mayhall, Marcus Lewis on May 2nd, Joseph Graham, Louise Cater on May 3rd. May these celebrate many more!

Anniversary wishes to: Mandy and Nick Gibson on May 5th, my Megan and Andy Chappell (12 years) on May 8th, Fannie and Bennie Whynn (60 yrs) on April 27th, Annette and Wayne Vondenstien on April 30th. I wish them many more years of happiness.

Have a great week. Please call and share.

Remember: “You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice.

Don’t forget your cemetery donations. Thanks to you who have already given.

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