Holly Ridge Happenings

Lets not be so quick to expose everybody else’s sin, when God has been so merciful to cover ours. 

Everything you go through as a Christian is a training exercise behind which God has a divine purpose.

 “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34


My Greg and Jeane Thompson, Ahndi and Cooper went to Washington State for a week, sorta of a vacation and sorta to help Kellie and Mark Ryan work on their house, they painted and pampered it. Ha! The kids enjoyed some things and sites up their. It is really beautiful. I was glad they come home though.

Gracie Reed Pryor from Monroe stopped in for a little visit on Thursday. She was on her way up to visit Janie and Huey Green. Gosh. It was good to see her, same ole girl.

Remona Rawls carried me with her last week as she was going to Poverty Paint to “harass” Reina, Chilla, and Scira who were riding their bikes! I never dreamed the lake, park and homes were so beautiful. I did enjoy my ride.

Thursday afternoon, Louise, Tanja and I were in Bed, Bath and Beyond and Met Tanga V. Bagby. We had a quick hello and hugs. She is still the same pretty “little girl.”

Here on Sunday Afternoon was Bill and Fay Little from Monroe. They had ice cream and we visited while they ate it. It is always good for friends from “back when” to stop by.

It’s time for you to place your order in for Wreaths Across America. Call Louise Cater at 728-4725 or 376-1761 and place your order. Thanks.

Congratulations to Taylor Kennedy, Marissa Blaylock and Lizzie Meeks who were selected as All American at the Cheer Camp in Rayville. Taylor represents the squad as their captain-cheerleader from UCA were directors.

Words could never express our heartfelt sympathy, love and prayers to the Mills family for the loss of their loved one, Kyle Mills. A tragic accident that claimied his life on Saturday after on his motorcycle. Great husband, dad and granddad. God bless each one as He  is the only who who can help us through their sorrows. God bless you all!

Happy Birthday this week to Tyler Mann on June 13, Hilday Mann Pylant, Boston Martin on June 14th, Donnie Maxwell and Billy Richardson on June 15th, Kim Mills, Linda H. Duck, Leslie Siscoe on June 17, Amanda S. Gurrey, Kaki Neck on June 18. May these celebrate many more!

Anniversary wishes to Brenda and Ricky Goodman (44)  years on June 14th, Charlene and Shannon Mercer on June 15th, Jessica and Shannon Maxwell on June 16th, Martha and John Jordan (64) years on June 17th. May these share many more happy years together!

Have a great week. Please call and share.

Remember: Do good things whether others notice or not. 

It’s the deeds that matter, not the size of your audience.

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