Holly Ridge Happenings

When Cardinals appear, 

loved ones are near.

Those we love don’t go away,

they walk beside us every day.

Unseen, unheard, but always near.

So loved, so missed, so very near!


Churches have changed

Society has changed

People have changed

But God’s word remains the same!


Thanks to those of you who called to tell me how much you enjoy my news, I only wish I had more. Maybe soon.

Home last week was Kelsie Cheek from Lafayette just for one night. She was home to celebrate her birthday early due to her work hours. We enjoy eating at Sam Miguels. Vanessa, Kelsie, Taylor, Ashley, Carter, Aiden and me. We sure did enjoy it.

John and I motored up to Farmerville on Saturday for a surprise visit to see my little brother Malvin and Sharon.

 I cannot tell you how long it had been since I had last been there. Enjoyed the visit and maybe we could do it more often.

My news is short this week. Maybe just maybe when it warms up there will be more getting around. I’ll be glad when the farmers start tilling the soil.

Happy birthday this week to: Brandon Dove, Carly Thompson, on February 1st, Skipper Vaughn, Ben Clack, Caleb Tarver, on February 2nd, Jeanna Bolster, Jimmy Smith, Brenda McManus, Richard Benavidas on February 3rd, Stacy Condell, Grant Nix, Lisa Caston on February 4th, Dakota Mann, Teirman Thompson on February 6th, Curtis Ray Cox, Bobbie Smith, Elijah Nix, Polly McManus, Mr. John Tullos on February 7th. May these all celebrate many more happy ones!

Anniversary greetings to: A fine couple, Lavern and Joe Meeks on February 6th. I wish them many more happy years together.

Our heartfelt sympathy and love goes to to Geradine Jones Watson in the loss of her husband, Dexter Watson. Dexter was born and grew up in this community before moving to Shreveport. May God bless and keep her strong at this time in her life.

Have a great week. Call me!

Remember: We are all dangerous folk without God’s controlling hand.

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