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Daily Miracles

As I woke up Saturday morning and looked out the window, it was raining once again. My thoughts were, “its raning again,” as we have had so much rain in the last few months.

Then, I realized GOD IS IN CONTROL. I just need to be grateful for whatever He sends. 

With so much anger, and selfishness in this world, maybe just maybe, GOD is washing the impurities away. The sun rose yesterday morning, it set last evening, that in itself is a miracle. I couldn’t have made that happen. It took a miracle to put the stars in place, It took a miracle to hang the world in space: But when He saved my soul, Cleansed and made me whole, It took a miracle of love and grace.

My friends Dan and Carol Little from West Monroe came over on Monday for a most welcome visit always!

Kelsie was here for overnight on Monday, leaving early on Tuesday morning for Ft. Worth to help with the opening of yet another Grubbs Bar and Grill Restaurant. Be out there for some two weeks. 

Coming by on Thursday was Richard Mann from Downsville. He had gone by to visit with Carlos and Rita Mann for a few and stopped by here to see Louise. Our get well wishes and prayers go out to Carlos who is quite ill.

A very dear friend of mine, Mrs. Myrtis Payne was honored on Saturday with a birthday party for her 99th birthday with close friends and family. I was unable to attend but she was a great example for me when I was growing up. I love her dearly.

Good Prayer: Dear God, be my strength this day. Sometimes I can worry too much. Please help me to completely release it all into your hands. You will make a way, You always do! Amen.

Happy Birthday this week to April Morgan Hale, Chase Winstead, Naoma Barrier, Carolyn Herman, Kaitlyn Cheek on January 20th, Ricky Wilcher, Thomas Silk on January 21st, Hannah Marsh, Laura Swain on Janauary 22nd, Billy Nix, Kaelin Roberts on January 23. May these celebrate many more happy ones!

Anniversary wishes to: Nancy and Mark Absher on January 19th. May these two share many more happy years of togetherness.

My heartfelt sympathy, love and prayers go out to the Jordan’s, Donald and Sue in the sudden death of their youngest son Blaine. May God’s love wrap around them and keep them during this time in their life. God bless each one touched by he passing!

Have a great week!

Remember: When we draw our last breath only one thing matters, that our name is written in the LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE!

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