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I have always thought that Noah was safe inside the Ark because he built it according to God’s specifications. I thought that perhaps it was the strength of the gopher wood and the soundness of the architecture that ensured that the waters of the food would not come into the Ark.

But today I encountered a verse that shifted this whole paradigm. Let’s read what Genesis 7:16 says. “The animals going in were male and female of every living thing as God had commanded Noah. Then God shut him in.”

Don’t miss this even after Noah had built the Ark, it was GOD HIMSELF WHO SHUT HIM IN, IN ORDER TO SHUT OUT THE WATERS OF THE FLOOD. IN OTHER TRANSLATIONS THIS VERSE SAYS “The Lord sealed them inside.”

May the Almighty God seal us inside His Ark of protection through this second half of 2018. It is not the fact that you have locked your house that keeps you safe at night, it is not your good driving skills that keeps you safe on the road, neither is your healthy eating habits that keeps you healthy. Only God can shut in and shut out the devil that is seeking to devour you. Father we pray that in this second half of the year, as we walk into the streets and as we drive on the roads, Oh God shut us in. Father we pray for our children that in the midst of dangers and molesters. You will shut them in, keep out the flood waters of abuse, rape, murder, accidents, diseases and untimely death. Oh God shut us in, shut us in your Ark of protection, into your Ark of compassion. May God shut us in as we obey Him and trust in His word. Amen.

Thanks to Ralph O. and Charls M., two of our deputies who stopped in to check on me last week. Well, really they came by twice. The first time, I had no ice cream. Ha. The next day I filled my freezer so they came back. 

I now have some more of the books, Small Mill Town Holly Ridge, so if you need one come on by.

Well, KNOE celebrated their 65 years on T.V.  I can remember, I was just a youngster, but my mother-in-law the late Bessie Thompson was the first in this area to get a television. The boys from school would come up and watch the World Series here. There has been a lot of water run under the bridge since then. Right?

It was ladies night out for Tanja, Louise and me. We went to the new walk on in West Monroe. Oh the Voo Doo Shrimp were oh so good. The little waitress was very sweet. I know she thought we were crazy but we did enjoy our meal.

Happy Birthday this week to Emily Lyle on September 13th, Sandra Chricol, Caleb Richardson, Adam Holley, Jamie Willimson, Steve Lofton, Spence Lowery on September 14th, Mike Sanders on September 16th, Chris Patric, James Werner Ham on September 17th, Sherman Williams, Gene Seniff and Debbie Futch Watson on September 18th,, Felecia Brock Floyd, Jacob Stokes, Ruby Gwin Smith on September 19th. May these celebrate many more happy ones!

Anniversary wishes to Leslie and Darlene Siscoe on September 16th, Trent and Cassie Livingston, Menko and Sarah Thompson on September 17th. May these celebrate many more happy ones together!

Have a blessed week. Please call and share.

Remember:  The sweetest time of the day is when you pray. Because you are talking to the ONE who love you the most.

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