Holly Ridge Happenings

A new day is like a new painting, draw lines with prayers, erase mistakes with forgiveness, dip the brush with lots of patience and color it with love and respect. 

Two people read the same Bible. One sees reasons to love, the other reasons to hate. One see’s unity, the other sees division. One finds prejudice, the other equality. One discovers compassion, the other, indifference. One goodwill, the other malice. Two people, one book, two views. The book is a mirror, the reflection is you.

Tyler and Ashley Cheek, Carter and Aiden enjoyed a couple of days get-away before school starts. They motored up to Norman, Ark., to a little cabin on a lake. Enjoyed going to a mountain looking for crystals then to the diamond field, but I didn’t get a diamonds, so I’m sure they didn’t find any. Ha! Had a great time anyway.

“Ole Granny” Mary Russell from Start called during the week to tell me how surprised she was. She sits out in the swing a lot and this one lady stopped to tell her that she was a blessing to her because Mary waves at her all the time, she even brought her a gift. You see, a little kindness makes the difference.

Coming over on Wednesday was Carol and Dan Little from West Monroe. They had to bring their truck to Jim Taylor for a check up so they rode on out to get Dan some ice cream and cheese. Was good to visit.

Well the death angel came again this week to our community. Mrs. Opal Jones took her heavenly flight last Friday. Our heartfelt love and prayers go out to her family and friends. She was a Godly lady and will surely be greatly missed. May God’s love sustain them all during this time and we know He will. 

Visiting Aunt Lannie on Sunday afternoon was Robert and Myrtle McCowin from Swartz.

Happy Birthday this week to: Donnie Hough on August 13th, Brandi Corley, Breonna Cheek, Molly Stokes, John Crocker on August 14th, Bennie Wynn, Elizabeth Sharplin on August 15th, David Brayant on August 16th, Bryant Higdon on August 17th, Freddie Tannahill, Glenda Fay Moss, Lindsey Cumpton on August 19th. may these celebrate many more.

Anniversary wishes to: My Grandchildren, Tyler and Ashley Cheek (16) years on August 14th, Floyd and Donnie Swain (40) years on August 16th, Jimmy and Bobbie Smith, Hal and Cindy Senn on August 17th. I wish them many more happy years together.

Don’t forget. Call and share your news. Have a great week.

Remember: Being humble is much more important than being wise! Because God doesn’t need a proud mouth that speaks much, but a kind heart that listens.

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