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With His Hand on My Shoulder

With His hand on my shoulder I sail a sea of sin.

With His hand on my shoulder I cannot help but win.

I’ll follow as He pilots me through waters dark and cold.

With His Hand on my shoulder I know I’ll reach my goal. 

My every hope is anchored to the faith I have in Him. 

I know I’ll reach the shoreline though at time the lights are dim. 

He’ll take me past the rocky cliffs and from the life’s storm I’ll be released. 

With His hand on my  shoulder I’ll have everlasting peace. 

Surrounded by an angry sea that’s made of hate and sin

But I won’t sink as long as I don’t let the waters in.

And with the help of God I know I never lose my way. 

With his hand on my shoulder I cannot go astray. 

I have a home up in the sky and He made it just for me. 

But to prove that I deserve this home I have to sail this sea.  

The waves of sin sometimes are high and the spray might touch my clothes. 

With His hand on my shoulder it will never touch my soul.


I’ll tell you what, this pandemic is something.  no one is getting out or either not stopping by and no one ever calls with their good news to share with me. Let me tell you something else, “I am blessed beyond blessings.” I’m so grateful that all of mine are doing well, but like most, staying at home. I’m still at the store every day and as for as I know I’m healthy. God is Good!

Coming by last week was someone I had not seen in years, Stevie Trammell, grandson of the late John Will and Mildred Nichols who lived on the Smalling Road. He came down the road, but I had not noticed that the house had burned when he passed, sad sight.

My Greg and Jeanne have been busy repainting old furniture white, then stressing it. It is so pretty and she had a booth in Vicksburg where she sells it. I think most of sales before it reaches the booth. Ha!

You are invited to sweep with me. I give you a broom with which to sweep your life clean of sadness, pain, anger, resentment, life’s tears, hate and all of the terrible things that hurt you in the past. So grab the broom and get that garbage out of your life. Jesus is coming soon.

Happy Birthday this week to: Megan Stokes French, Kylie Moore, Scotty Cheek on May 21st, Sue Norman, Anita Brock, Lance Stokes, Haley Clack, Ronda Pelley, Amber Goodman on May 22nd, “Special lady” Marie Caston Sorey on May 23rd, Gary Freeland on May 25th, Emily Hardy Ogden on May 26th, Hilda Clack on May 27th. May these celebrate many more happy ones.

Anniversary wishes to: Joel and Glenda Rawls on May 22nd. May these two share many more happy years together!

Have a great week, stay safe!

Remember: Nothing should go back to “normal” normal wasn’t working. If we go back the way things were, we will have lost the lesson. May we Rise up and do better.

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