Letter to the Editor

Legislators should help the people

To the Editor:

What in the world is going on with our politicians!

They don’t want to do their job, they don’t want to ruffle feathers, they say!

Well, it’s time to ruffle their feathers and let them know who they work for; and why we the people put them in office.

All you hear about is the wall. It will take 2,500 miles of wall to enclose our friends and neighbors to the south. Never in the history of the world, have walls ever worked. The only thing the wall does is make an enemy of our friends and neighbor.

We the people gave these politicians their job to make things better for the people. But when it comes time for the politicians to choose between the people and big business. They choose big business. Big business who is choking the people dry. We need politicians that will face these big company’s and get relief for the people.

Relief: Like watered down meats, air blown packaging, the sky rocking cost of medicines, insurance, the never-ending rising cost of groceries and you know the endless list.

I have been trying to get help from our local politicians, or perhaps I should call them fence warmers, because they don’t want to ruffle big business feathers.

This is the bill I have asked for help, from our local politicians.



Fairness and Clarity For the people of Louisiana:

We the people need your help and support.

We the gamblers of our great state of Louisiana and by large numbers of “Baby Boomers” ask that you take a good look at this proposition. Not only would this bill give fairness and clarity to the people, it will increase the state revenue by large numbers.

In my past visits to many casinos and discussions with thousands of casino players, I have found in the past couple of years, the casinos have changed their average daily theoretical payout percentage.

The casinos have come together, forming an allegiance against the people. Casinos no longer compete against each other, because many are now owned by the same company.

We feel if our great state of Louisiana is to have gambling, it should be competitive gambling, not organized gambling against the people.

Not only is organized gambling unfair to the people, it is costly to the state. For the fewer jackpots paid, the fewer tax dollars the state receives.

Therefore, we the people feel the gaming laws of Louisiana should be changed. The way the law is administered is old and obsolete. Change is long overdue. We need to move into today’s high-tech surveillance for this industry. The casinos are equipped with the most high-tech surveillance in the world. Let’s make the connection.

This would be less costly to the state, thereby saving tax dollars and we will have a more effective method of inspection.

And this is the response I received;

Congressman, Ralph Abraham; “Should Congress debate legislation regarding your concerns, please know that I will keep your views in mind.”

What! Does he not know or understand that we the people are asking him for his help getting it to legislation?

State Representative Charles R. (Bubba) Chaney said he was no way interested in such a bill.

What! Does he not know that his job does consists of that very thing? He’s telling us the voters who put him in office, NO! Because he doesn’t want to ruffle big business’s feathers. But he will ruffle the voter’s feathers, that’s okay.

State Senator; Francis C. Thompson has not yet responded to my request.

So, I am asking you the voters, to get out there and vote for people that will come face to face with big business and fight for Tom, Dick, Mary and Jane. Who is the back bone of the good old U.S.A!

Thank you and GOD BLESS.

Clifton J. Dodge


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