Sheriff warns against new phone scams

Richland Parish Sheriff Gary Gilley warns the Richland Parish Sheriff Office has received numerous complaints over the last several weeks of parish residents receiving scam telephone calls.   

In the Grand Kid Scheme a scammer calls the potential victim stating that their grandchild is in jail or is in the hospital in need of money.   The scammer then requests the victim to send money to the grandchild, which in turn the scammer gets.

Sheriff Gilley stated these scammers prey on people’s desire to help a loved one.  

“Please be aware of this scam and don’t fall victim to this scam,” he said.

A new scam that is also starting is the Protection Scam. In this scam, a scammer calls saying that they work for the federal government or Interpol, an international law enforcement agency and has uncovered a threat against your life.  If you then send them money they will be able to protect you from this made up threat.  

If you receive any phone calls that you make you feel uncomfortable, please do not send any money. Get a call back number and contact the Richland Parish Sheriff’s Office at (318) 728-2071. 

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