Voters select Trump, Biden; reject property tax renewal

Louisiana voters chose Donald Trump and Joe Biden as their candidates for the Nov. 3 presidential election and rejected a property tax renewal for the Delhi Hospital during the weekend election. The tax renewal for the Hospital Service District #1-A was defeated by 57  percent with 667 people voting against the renewal and 501 voting for it.

Joseph R. Biden won the Democratic nomination by a 79.5 percent margin with 212,267 votes. Bernard “Bernie” Sanders had 7.43 percent with 19,834 votes while Elizabeth Warren  received 2.4 percent with 6,416 and Michael Bennet  had 2.31 percent with 6,163, Michael R. Bloomberg had 1.61 percent with 4,309 votes, Andrew Yang had 1.7 3 percent  with 4,615 and with less than one percent of the vote each were “Pete” Buttigieg  with 2,361, Amy Klobuchar with 2,429, Tulsi Gabbard with 1,962, John K. Delaney  with 1,876, Steve Burke with 1,537.”Robby” Wells with 1,395, “Tom” Steyer  with 902 and Deval Patrick with 875.

In Richland Parish, Biden received 77 percent with 843 votes, Sanders got six percent with 65 votes, Bennet got five percent with 51 votes and Yang had two percent with 21 votes while Bloomberg had two percent with 19 votes.

The other candidates got 1 percent or less each with Warren getting 15 votes; Gabbard, 14; Burke 13; Delaney and Klobucher, 12 each; Buttigieg and Wells, 9 each; Patrick, 8; and Steyer, 6.

Statewide, Trump won the Republican nomination by a 96 percent margin with 195,795 votes. Bill Weld receved 2 percent with 3,318 votes and coming in with less one percent or less of the vote were Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente with 2,333 votes, Matthew John Matern with 1,686 and “Bob” Ely with 1,043.

In Richland Parish Trump won by a 99 percent margin with 1,262 votes while Weld had six votes, De La Fuente and Ely got five votes each and Matern got three votes.

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