Voters to decide fate of state, local officials and school property tax

Richland Parish voters will go to the polls Oct. 12 to decide races for numerous state and local offices.

In addition to state and local candidates and four constitutional amendments, voters in School Board District 1 will decide the fate of a bond issue.

If passed, the school district will be able to incur debt and issue bonds not exceeding $24,160,000 for the purpose of acquiring and/or improving lands for building sites and playgrounds, including construction of necessary sidewalks and streets adjacent thereto; purchasing, erecting and/or improving school buildings and other school related facilities within and for the gistrict and acquiring the necessary equipment and furnishings.

The debt will be repaid from ad valorem taxes with an estimated increase of 13 mills to be levied in the first year of issue above the 7 mills currently being levied.400        

Local offices on the Oct. 12 ballot include:

• Sheriff: Perry Fleming, Independent, of Mangham; and Gary Gilley, Independent, of Mangham.

• Clerk of court: Wayne Chapman, Republican, of Rayville; and Stacie Williamson, Republican, of Rayville.

• Police Juror District 1: Steven Craig, Republican, of Delhi; and Dewanna Goodman, Independent, of Rayville.

• Police Juror District 2: Freddie Harris, Democrat, of Delhi; Stacy Hutchinson, Republican, of Delhi; and  Patrick Stubblefield, Democrat, of Delhi.

• Police Juror District 3: Barbara Carroll, Independent, of Rayville; Joe Dorsey, Democrat, Rayville; Sharon Kelley-Gee, Democrat, Rayville; and Billy Matlock, Republican, Rayville.

• Police Juror District 4: Steve Adcock, Independent, Rayville;  Phillip Hendrix, Republican, Rayville; Steve Lofton, Republican, Rayville; Guthrie Nielsen, Republican, Delhi; and Lee Rogers, Republican, Rayville.

• Police Juror District 5:  Jesse Lively Jr., Republican,  Rayville; and Paul Slayter, Republican, Rayville.

• Police Juror District 6:  Johnny Jones, Independent, Rayville; and Althan Smith, Democrat, Rayville.

• Police Juror District 7: Jerry Crawford,  Democrat, Rayville; Cecil Reddick, Republican, Rayville; and Clay Russell, Republican, Mangham..

• Justice of the peace in Ward 2: Brenda Reddick, Independent, of Rayville; and Kathy Toney, No Party, Rayville.

Statewide offices include:

• Governor: Ralph Abraham, Republican, of Archibald; Oscar Dantzler, Democrat, of Hammond; John Bel Edwards, Democrat, of Baton Rouge; Gary Landrieu, Independent, of Metairie; Patrick Landry, Republican, of New Orleans; Manuel Leach, Republican, of Natchitoches; M.V. Mendoza, Democrat, of Ponchatoula; and Eddie Rispone, Republican of Baton Rouge.

Lieutenant governor:  Willie Jones, Democrat, New Orleans; Billy Nungesser, Republican, Belle Chasse; and Rao Uppu, Democrat, Praireville.

• Secretary of state: Kyle Ardoin, Republican, of Baton Rouge; Gwen Collins-Greenup, Democrate, of Clinton; Thomas J. Kennedy III, Republican, of Metairie; and Amanda Smith, Republican, of Bastrop.

• Attorney general: Ike Jackson, Democrat of Plaquemine; and Jeff Landry, Republican, of Broussard.

• Treasurer: Derrick Edwards, Democrat, of Harvey; Teresa Kenny, no party of New Orleans; and John M. Schroder, Republican, of Baton Rouge.

• Commissioner of agriculture and forestry: Marguerite Green,  Democrat, New Orleans; Charlie Greer, Democrat, Natchez; Michael Strain, Republican, Covington; Peter Williams, Democrat, Baton Rouge; and Bradley Zaunbrecher, Republican, Egan.

• Commissioner of insurance: James Donelon, Republican, Metairie; and Tim Temple, Republican, Baton Rouge.

• BESE District 5: Stephen Chapman, Republican, Alexandria; and Ashley Ellis,  Republican, Monroe.

• State Representative 32nd Representative District: Danny Cole, Democrat, of Jena; Judy Duhon, Democrat, of Olla;  Steve May, Republican,  of Columbia; and Glem Womack, Republican, of Harrisonburg.

Four constitutional amendments will also be on the Oct. 12 ballot.

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