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Richland voters face full ballot on Saturday

Richland Parish voters will go to the polls to decide the fate of a number of items this weekend.
Items on the Oct. 14 ballot include a special election to select a new state treasurer, an election for the second circuit court of appeals judge and three constitutional amendments.
Those qualifying to run for treasurer include Angele Davis of Baton Rouge, Derrick Edwards of Harvey, Terry Hughes of Lafayette, Joseph D. Little of Ponchatoula, Neil Riser of Columbia, John Schroder of Baton Rouge and Ron Caesar of Opelousa.
On the ballot in the judge’s race are Jimbo Stephens and Sharon Ingraham Marchman.
Constitutional Amendment No. 1 involves the property tax exemption for construction sites.
The text of that Amendment is: “Do you support an amendment to exempt from property taxes materials and other property delivered to a construction site to be made part of a building or other construction?”
Constitutional Amendment No. 2 involves homestead exemption for an unmarried surviving spouse.
The text of that Amendment is: “Do you support an amendment to authorize an exemption from ad valorem property tax for the total assessed value of the homestead of an unmarried surviving spouse of a person who died while performing their duties as an emergency medical responder, technician, paramedic, volunteer firefighter, or a law enforcement or fire protection officer?”
Constitutional Amendment No. 3 involves dedicating new gas taxes into the Construction Subfund.
The text of that Amendment is: “Do you support an amendment that would dedicate any new tax levied on gasoline, diesel, and special fuels into the Construction Subfund, which solely shall be used for project delivery, construction, and maintenance of transportation and capital transit infrastructure projects and not for funding for the payment of employee wages and related benefits or employee retirement benefits?”

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