LaKeya Jones and Pamela Jones Lighten

LaKeya Jones and Pamela Jones Lighten

Mother’s Day finds local woman featured in Essence

A local woman found herself featured in Essence Magazine this month as part of her Mother’s Day celebration.

Lakeya Jones submitted a photograph she took with her mother, Pamela Jones Lighten, while on vacation for the Essence artile “48 Times Black Women Thanked Mom For Teaching Them to Love Travel.”

Along with the photograph Jones wrote: “I watched my mother care for my grandmother until her last day on Earth. She never complained and handled all affairs with grace and care, even though I know she was hurting. After experiencing that, I vowed that I would do everything in my power to give my mom her flowers while she’s still here to smell them. She always wanted to see the world, but life would get in the way. I made it my business to change that. We take a Mommy & Me trip every year. It’s my way of celebrating her, and it’s so awesome watching her enjoy every moment of every trip!”

The article was published this month in time for Mother’s Day. Lighten is from Winnsboro but works at Jim Taylor in Rayville.

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