Police Report

The Rayville Police Department made the following arrests for the week of Feb. 17-24.

• Matthew Frederick, 26; 913 Carroll St., Rayville; shoplifting.

• Deshun Kelly, 29; 208 Leo St., Rayville; simple burglary and resisting arrest by flight.

• Ronnie Martin, 55; 437 Dacron St., Rayville; attempted forcible rape.

• Fannie McDowell, 73; 124 St. Louis St., Apt 1, Delhi; shoplifting.

• Jerome Killion, 40; 205 St. Louis St., Delhi; driving under suspension and speeding.

• Timmy Moore, 50; 1600 Pardue Road, Raymond, MS; driving under suspension, disturbing the peace (loud music) and failure to yield.

• Amanda Smith, 28; 710 Spruce St., Rayville; disturbing the peace (general) and indecent exposure.

• One juvenile was charged with no driver’s license, careless operation and no insurance.

•  •  •

The Rayville Police Department issued a total of 25 traffic citations this week. That number includes 16 for speeding, three for expired license plates and one each for running a stop sign, expired driver’s license,  expired motor vehicle inspection, no inspection sticker, no proof of insurance and failure to yield.

•  •  •

Rayville Police Chief Willie Robinson advised all citizens of Rayville that taking something that does not belong to you is a crime.

“Whether it’s in a store, in a house, or in a vehicle – if it doesn’t belong to you, don’t touch it,” the chief said.

Chief Robinson advised that local businesses have security cameras to assist in deterring theft and in identifying suspects when theft occurs. Chief Robinson advised that when you are charged with theft, you will incur fines and will be held responsible for paying restitution to the victim of the theft. Chief also advises to think before you act. If you steal, you will be caught.  

Chief Robinson would like to remind motorists of the importance of obeying all traffic signs and signals.

“Posted speed limit signs, stop signs, yield signs, and other traffic signs are there for the safety of all vehicles on the road. When you fail to obey traffic signs, you put yourself and other drivers in danger. My officers are constantly alert for traffic violations,” the chief said.

Chief Robinson encourages citizens to come by Rayville Police Department at 900 Harrison St., or call (318) 728-4431 if you need his help in any way.

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