Police Report

The Rayville Police Department made the following arrests for the week of Sept. 2-9.

• Jennifer Smiley, 36; 401 McCaa St., Rayville; failure to appear on aggravated assault and failure to appear on simple criminal damage to property.

• Cody Stansbury, 18; 3509 Magnolia St., Rayville; disturbing the peace by loud music.

• Albert O’Neal, 37; 315 Blackmon St., Rayville; damage to property (warrant), simple criminal trespass, driving under suspension, switched license plates and resisting arrest.

•  •  •

The Rayville Police Department issued a total of 15 traffic citations this week. That number includes seven for speeding, two each for no seat belt and running a redlight and one each for running a stop sign, no insurance, careless operation with an accident and making an improper turn. 

•  •  •

Rayville Police Chief Willie Robinson stated that he is very pleased by the decrease in criminal arrests and he is praying for the day that his article reflects no arrest.

Rayville Police Department officers exercise extreme vigilance when it comes to speeding. All motorists should be cautious and alert when driving through residential neighborhoods. 

He also advised that motorists should remember that it is illegal to pass a stopped school bus. Speed limits in school zone are strictly enforced.

The chief would like to ask all citizens of Rayville to take a few moments this week to honor the memory of fallen Officer K-9 Sgt. Thomas “TA” Alexander. His sacrifice reminds us that every law enforcement officer puts his/her life on the line every time they put on their uniforms and hit the streets.

“We were very happy to host the Thomas “TA” Alexander Scholarship Award at Rayville Police Department. It was an honor to do it and let his family know that his legacy lives on,” the chief said.

Chief Robinson encourages all citizens to come by the Rayville Police Department at 900 Harrison St. or to call 728-4431 if you need his help in any way.

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