Police Report

The Rayville Police Department made the following arrests for the week of Aug. 5-12.

• Devin Griffin, 25; 412 Dacron St., Rayville; simple battery.

• Jacoby Natt, 21; 612 Scott St., Rayville; disturbing the peace (general).

• Ja’Shawn Neal, 18; 148-B South Circle Drive, Rayville; disturbing the peace (general).

• Damarion Clark, 19; 215 Francis St., Rayville; disturbing the peace (general).

• Jarrel Gundy, 19; 106 Loy St., Rayville; disturbing the peace by fighting.

• Dominique Davis, 31; 103 Cedar Crest Drive, Monroe; leaving the scene of an accident.

• Javon Bell, 19; 1617 Harlem St., Winnsboro; disturbing the peace by fighting.

• De’Darius McDaniel, 18; 143-B South Circle Drive, Rayville; two counts of disturbing the peace by fighting.

• Brandi Chevalier, 30; 3525 Redbud Lane, Shreveport; driving under suspension.

• Derrick Reynolds, 41; 106 Gustavia St., Rayville; simple assault, trespassing.

• One juvenile was charged with theft less than $300.

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The Rayville Police Department issued a total of three traffic citations this week. That number includes one each for speeding, expired license plate and careless operation with an accident.

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Rayville Police Chief Willie Robinson advised all citizens of Rayville that taking something that does not belong to you is a crime.

“Whether it’s in a store, in a house or in a vehicle -- if it doesn’t belong to you, don’t touch it,” the chief said. “If you steal, you will be caught.”

Chief Robinson also advised that he will not tolerate any fighting in the Town of Rayville from anyone. To avoid any altercation with others that would cause you to get arrested for disturbing the peace, it’s best to walk away. Otherwise, it will cost you. 

“We must think positive,” he said. “It is imperative that we work together to keep negative gestures from becoming a part of our life.”

The chief would like to remind you that physical violence is not an effective problem solving solution.

Lastly, the chief would like to warn you of a recent scam that’s hitting our community. The scam is in the form of a check that is made payable to you. They also send you the instructions as to what to do with the check. The instructions are to deposit the check into your account, send a portion of it to two people, and then you keep the rest only to find out that the check is fraudulent. You will then owe the total amount of the check to your bank.

The company has been Metro PCS, Wrap Recruiters.com. Please know that no one will give you any free money. 

“Pay close attention,” the chief said. “I encourage you to call my office if you receive a check in the mail that is not what you supposed to be receiving.”

Chief Robinson encourages all citizens to come by the Rayville Police Department at 900 Harrison St. or to call 728-4431 if you need his help in any way.

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