Holly Ridge Happenings

When Jesus Cried Out

“It is finished”

Righteousness was perfected, divine justice was satisfied, blood was shed, redemption was paid, sins were forgiven, reconciliation was achieved, death was conquered and salvation was secured.


Holly Ridge Happenings

There’s an oak tree in the acorn. Never belittle what God has given you. Never believe the lies of the enemy when he says it’s too small. One day in the future, you’ll look back and see just how far God has taken you, and just how much you’ve grown. Trust the One who makes oak trees out of acorns.


Another great week! Hilda Clack from Tallulah and Lawerence Smith from West Monroe come over for a much needed visit. Enjoyed them.

Here for a few days with Ralph Powell were his boys, David from Las Vegas, and Bennie from Dallas. I know he enjoyed their visit.

Holly Ridge Happenings

The greatest thing ever found on Easter wasn’t a basket of colorful eggs. It was an empty tomb! He is Risen!!!

We in Richland Parish are so blessed! Drive through Rayville now, the streets are so very nice and smooth, the beautiful tulips and azaleas are blooming with their beautiful brilliant colors. God’s creation is so visible.

Holly Ridge Happenings

The price Jesus paid is greater than the mess you made.

Where there is love, there is life.

Where there is life, there is hope.

Where there is hope, there is faith.

Where there is faith, miracles happen.

Where there is peace, there is God.

And when you have God, you have everything.

God saw all of your flaws before you existed, and he decided to create you, because He loves you.  Believe Jesus!

Don’t tell secrets in the garden. Potatoes have eyes, the corn has ears and the beanstalk!

Holly Ridge Happenings

I Am!

I am loving you, I am listening to you, I am answering your prayers, I am guiding you, I am protecting you. All I ask of you is BELIEVE IN ME  and have a desire to have ME as your Best Friend! Jesus Christ.


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