Holly Ridge Happenings

Life’s Bittersweet Disappointments are  God’s Sweetest Appointments

Out of Life’s misery born of man’s sin a richer, fuller life begins. For when we are helpless with no place to go our hearts are heavy and our spirits are low. If we place our poor, broken live in God’s hands and surrender ccomplety to His will and demands the “darkness lifts” and the “sun shines through”. And by His touch, we are “born anew”

Holly Ridge Happenings

When Cardinals appear, 

loved ones are near.

Those we love don’t go away,

they walk beside us every day.

Unseen, unheard, but always near.

So loved, so missed, so very near!


Churches have changed

Society has changed

People have changed

But God’s word remains the same!


Thanks to those of you who called to tell me how much you enjoy my news, I only wish I had more. Maybe soon.

Holly Ridge Happenings


The snow is falling softly as it lands up on the ground

The night is very quiet and I cannot hear a sound

I stand and look at all the flakes so big and fluffy now

The silence is so eerie as my mind keeps thinking how?

I love to watch the snowflakes fall, it is still a mystery

The way they float down to the earth and cover all I see.

One little snowflake at a time as they accumulate

Amazes me when joined together what they all create.

I watch the snowflakes piling up when landing on the lawn


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