Holly Ridge Happenings

The phrase “Do not be afraid” is written in the Bible 365 times. Thats a daily reminder from God to live everyday fearless. 

Jesus was not an American. He was not White, Black, Asian or Hispanic. Neither was he a Pentecostal, Baptist, Methodist or Catholic. He was and is the SON OF GOD. He will never fit into an American, nor a religious mold. The sooner we try to be like him and stop trying to make him be like us, the sooner we will see His purpose fulfilled in the world that He died for. 

When you hold grudge, your hands aren’t free to catch blessings.


Holly Ridge Happenings

Thank you, Lord, for your grace, for your mercy, for your forgiveness, for your protection, for your guidance, for your friendship, for your grace, for your unfailing love, for being my Savior.

Here is wishing for each of my readers and friends a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

We at Thompsons Grocery had a great turn out on Election day! There was so many friends that we had not seen in a while coming in. Hopefully next month’s election will be equally as good.

Holly Ridge Happenings

Is Your Bible Interesting?

Mother was trying to get eight year old daughter Mary to learn her Sunday School lesson. At length she took her Bible from the bureau and said; “Come Mary, I will help you learn your lesson, and then you may go back to your play.”  

“All right. Mom, but lets study it out of grandfather’s Bible. It is much more interesting than yours.”

“Oh, no, Mary, they are exactly alike.”

“Well, I think grandfather’s must be more interesting than yours, he reads it so much more.”

Holly Ridge Happenings

Mr. Meant-To

Mr. Mean’t to has a comrade, and his name is Didn’t-Do. Have you ever chanced to meet them? Have they ever called on you? These two fellows live together in the house of never-win, and I’m told that it is haunted by the ghost of might-have-been. 

Don’t Wait

“Those who expect salvation at the eleventh hour often die at 10:30.” Postponement is perilous in spiritual matters.


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