Holly Ridge Happenings

If your going to put someone down, put them down on your prayer list.

I have a choice each and every day of my life. I choose to feel blessed. I choose to to feel grateful. I choose to be excited. I choose to be thankful. I choose to be happy. I choose to smile and thank God for this beautiful blessing called Life. Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be. God know’s what He’s doing.

Holly Ridge Happenings

If I can’t be wise, let me be kind. If I can’t give my time, let me show love. If I can’t give money, let me show kindness. If I can’t change the world, let me show love and inspire others. May others see you, God through me. There is no perfect life, no perfect job, no perfect childhood, no perfect marriage and no perfect set of people who will always do what we expect them to do. What we have is a PERFECT GOD who is able to lead us through this imperfect life with unfailing strength, incomparable wisdom and infinite LOVE.

Holly Ridge Happenings

I’m no longer looking for “the signs of the times.” I’m listening for the “sound of the trumpet.”

The problem is Sin, not skin. The answer is Grace, not race. Jesus died for all. Our nation needs Jesus

Six important Guidelines for life. When you are alone, mind your  thoughts. When you are with friends, mind your tongue, When you are angry, mind your temper. When you are with a group, mind your behavior. When you are in trouble, mind your emotions. When God starts blessing you, mind your ego.

Holly Ridge Happenings

God’s Seeds

We are but seeds in God’s garden, 
His garden on Earth, His delight, 
the Planter of all of the seeds, 
the marvelous Giver of Life.

Planted with love and care, 
we will then take root and grow? 
His help is essential at first 
and throughout the process, we know.

For a seed cannot live without water. 
A seed cannot live without light.
To grow as he wished when planted
we must seek the water and light.


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