Newellton Pep Talk

Strength for the Day  is dedicated to those born in the month of November from the Heart of Pep Talk, a special road map of our journey.

The First Steps

You know, if you follow the Lord’s direction, you’ll never be lost. Well, sometimes, you can be on the right road, but take a wrong turn.

Have you ever gotten lost on an unfamiliar road?

It can be a scary situation if it is dark and you don’t know where you are. You may find yourself turning down one street and the next, trying to find the place you’re supposed to be. Sometimes life is like that with twists and turns that leave us guessing what to do and where to go. We may hesitate to make decisions  because we feel overwhelmed and lost.

Well, I want you to know that when you follow the Lord’s directions, you’ll never be lost again.

His wisdom can cut through confusion and doubt, leaving a clear path for you to follow. If you walk along His path, you will never trip or fall.

Psalm 16:9 -- My heart is glad.

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