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Holly Ridge Happenings

By Shirley Thompson

In a school in Ireland, one boy struck another and when he was about to be punished, the injured boy begged for his pardon. The teacher asked, “Why do you wish to keep him from being punished? He hit you. The boy replied, “I have read in the New Testament that our Lord, Jesus Christ said that we should forgive our enemies; and therefore I forgive him, and beg he may not be punished for my sake.”
The longer one carriers a grudge, the heavier it becomes.
Yes I have another little great granddaughter, Callie Ann Chappell arrived last week. Her proud parents are Andy and Megan Chappell of Epps, big brothers, Lane, Conley and Hayes welcomed her home.
Congratulations to Corbin and Malory Cater on the arrival of their little girl, Georgia Pearl who arrived on August 24th at St. Francis Medical Center.
Kelsie Cheek was home from Lafayette for a couple of days. While here she spent time with her little nephews, Carter and Aiden, and treated them to Johnny’s Pizza, fun time for the boys. Of course, mama and Granny enjoyed her being here too. Our very own Bobby and Sue Hales traveled to Teleco Plains Tenn. where they enjoyed the eclipse. They say it was quite a sight to see. All I saw was on T.V.
On August 11th, the David Rawls bunch took a trip. Greatly enjoying their three-day excursion to Tishomingo, Oklahoma to visit the Jamie Rawl’s family were David, Monie, Chelle, Reina and Spot (puppy) Rawls. Tishomingo Oklahoma is a quaint town, beautiful and historic in old southern hospitality. The town, named in honor of the heroic Chickasaw Chief, Tishomingo, preserves and cherishes its native roots. The Chickasaw Nation Information center is located in Tishomingo, is designed to provied information for the Chickasaw Nation. This Information Center serves a wide range of tourists, highlights, local attractions and communicates the Chickasaw Nation’s connection to the area. After thoroughly enjoying the great company, delicious food, beautiful scenic sites, the David Rawls plan another longer trip including Jamie Rawls family and the Tommy Rawls on this trip. So glad Glenda Rawls is doing well after back surgery Monday, August 21st, her doctor promises she will be good as new after her surgery and her taking it easy for the next four months. We are all hoping she follows doctor’s orders and gets that good as new.
Happy Birthday to Ellie Jo Barker on August 31st, Barbara McCormick on September 1st, Carolyn Lyle and Morgan Kennedy on September 2nd, Bubba Hubbard, Jimmy Toney, Kyle Clack, great grand Mylee McMillian on September 3rd. Shaina Roberts on September 4th, Eva Steele, Janice Shoemaker on September 5th, Connie Cheek on September 6th. May these celebrate many more happy ones!
Anniversary wishes to Allison and Skipper Vaughn on September 3rd, Terrah and Lance Johnson on September 6th. I wish for them many more happy years together!
Our class of 1957 was enjoyed as a great reunion time on Saturday August 26th at the Picadilly in Monroe. Fun, food and fellowship was had by all who attended. Those who attended were: Dan and Carol Little, Loyld and Carol Crain, Catherine and Gaynell Stokes, Richard and Jo McDonald, Simmie and Barbara Dulaney, Shirley Thompson, Lousie Cater, Bob Tatum, Wosley Hicks, Elizabeth Sharplin, Karlyn Ulmer, Elsie Hurt, Walter Lester, Betty ann Darnell, Bobby Walker. Yes we are all looking for one next year and hope more of our class will plan to attend.
Have a great week and remember: You certainly have wronged others, even unintentionally.
You surely have to be forgiven by others and the Lord, So forgive those that have “wronged you” and forgiven us our debts as we forgive our debtors. Mattthew 6:12.

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