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Holly Ridge Happenings

By Shirley Thompson

Comes when we stop complaining about the troubles we have and offer thanks for all troubles we don’t have. Go 24 hours with complaining (not even once) then watch how your life starts changing. Spending today complaining about yesterday won’t make tomorrow any better. Instead of complaining because you don’t get what you want be thankful you did not get what you deserve.
Jeanne and Greg, Trey and Meridith Dixion, Max, Edan, Libbie and Charls from Baton Rouge, Ben, Emily Thompsonn, Ainsley, Ahndi, Cooper and Cotton, Johna Dove all enjoyed a week at the beach at Gulf Shores. Lots of sand, sun, crabs, jelly fish and etc.
Louise Carroll from down on Caney Lake was here on Wednesday. She had been around to all the cemeteries where her loved ones were, putting flowers on each of the graves. Stopped by here and we had a great visit.
Saturday brought Mac Livingston, James Ivy Livingston and Linda from Haughton by to see me. Also Randy Gross came by on his way to Bastrop.
Sherry Eubanks from Tyler, Texas come over for a couple of days to watch her little niece. Ellie Jo Barton play some softball.
Don’t forget your donations to help support the upkeep of the cemetery’s Thanks to those who have already given.
Happy Birthday this week to: William Issac, Ken Sanders, on August 3rd, Deline Rawls, Josh Colson, Michelle Massy on August 4th, Carolyn Black. Blake McCowin, Randy Swain, Rayan Gammill, Madison Silf, Alexis Clack on August 5th, Mark Thomas on August 6th, James Hough, Toni Thompson, Raileigh Hunter, Matt Steele, Kalelyn Mann on August 7th, B. Thompson, LaShondan Wroten, Kohlsn Barton on August 8th, Tammie Dickson on August 8th. May these celebrate many more happy ones!
Anniversary wishes to: Ben and Emily Thomspn (9 years) Vic and Connie Cheek on August 3rd, Roger and Dollie Dew, Gaynell and Catherine Stokes on August 5th, Dennis and Vickie Farrar on August 6th, Donald and Sherry Letlow, Wade and Kellie Thames on August 7th, Tim and Mary Stokes on August 8th. I wish these many more years to share together.
Have a great week! Stay cool as you can. Ha!
Remember: If we prayed as much as we complained, we’d have less to complain about!

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