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Grandma used to say, “It’s better to go to a funeral than it is to a party because a funeral makes you think about eternity.” 

As a kid, I thought this was weird. As an adult man, it makes perfect sense. Parties don’t last, but death does, and death comes to us all. The Bible says God has placed eternity in the heart of every man. We all think about where we will go when we die. 

The lights don’t just “go out” and we cease to exist. No. Our real life begins. We either go on to live forever with God in Heaven, or forever without Him in a bad, bad place. 

The good news is, today, we get to choose. Friend, believe Jesus has forgiven you of your sins once to be saved. He’ll come and live in you right now and ever leave. When your shell of flesh wears out you’ll get to enjoy Heaven uninterrupted with Him. Please believe today if you haven’t. Today is your day of salvation.  Believe.


Well, I’m sorry I missed last week by my ole heart sorta went on the blink. And I spent three days at St. Francis. Surely not because I wanted to, but I’m much better and blessed to be home.

John Stell was honored on Monday night, January 27th, at the Crowville Baptist Church as a veteran. He received a pin, plaque and certificate for his service. We do appreciate him. There was several who attended this ceremony. Thanks John.

Kellie W. Rayan from Canton Texas was in Delhi recently for a visit with her mom and dad, Fannie and Bennie Wynn.

Greg and Jeanne  went out to Kellies’ this past week to do some trim on her new house she had bought. They say she had a beautiful place out in the country.

Got a call from Jean Silk last week for some information. I’m always glad to be able to help solve questions if I can. 

Yes, some call me “the bureau of info,” but I’m really not.

Thanks for all your phone calls from my family and friends and other acts of concern while I was away.

Dan and Carol Little from West Monroe was over for a visit on Tuesday. They check on me quite often.

Let me say if your birthday was last week, I hope you had a very happy one with many more to come.  This week’s birthday people are: Dakota Mann, Shane Hammons on Feburary 6th, John Fuller, Bobbie Smith, Elizabeth Nix, Curtis Cox, Krystal Pelly and Polly McManus on February 7th, Katie Richardson on February 8th, Samuel Graham, Margie Charrier, Melvin Crawford and Alan Jordan on Februaray 9th, Kelly Taylor and Issac Blaylock on February 10th, Connie Jo Burney and Ralph Clack on February 11th, Brady Afeman, Wayne Moore and Don Hocutt on February 12th. May these celebrate many more happy years.

Anniversary wishes to:  My Greg and Jeanne Thompson, Forty one years on February 10th. May they share many more happy years together. Have a great week.

Remember: God has a a habit of picking nobodies and making them somebodies without consulting anybody.

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