Holly Ridge Happenings

The Christmas Tree

From a tree a manger was made, 0n the first Christmas, in it He laid. 

Also from a tree, a cross was made, and on it, for our sins, the price HE paid. 

I remember each year as the tree I adorn, His gift giving began the day HE was born. As I gently place each ornament of gold, In His hands, I place my heart, and my life, for Him to hold. Trusting in Him to take good care of me, I pray and I sing as I decorate the tree.

 “I am the way, the truth and the light,” said He. 

 That’s why I put lights on my Christmas tree.

Recently the three sisters, Glenda Rawls, Brenda Whittington and Elizabeth Fankin from Tallulah, had a girls day out. They started out at the V.A. Home in Monroe for a couple of hours visit with their brother, Virgil Thornton Jr., then to the Picadilly for a fantastic lunch and on up to Bastrop to Brenda’s daughter, Amy, to see her house which they had redone. By that time I think Glenda was probably about worn out, Ha!

Here for a few minutes visit late Friday evening was Caressa Walker and her daughter Jan from Monroe. She brought me an article to read that was written by Hershel Walker. It was quite a “trip back in time” about feeding hogs and having a good rat dog that people got them to come to their barns to kill them. 

The boys that were in on this were Carey Walker, John Walker, Hershel Walker, Jerry Cobb, Rayford Ogles and I’m sure I left some out, but they were quite rounders back then, but life was good.

Coming by for ice cream on Sunday was Josephine Ezell from Tallulah, her daughter, granddaughter and her husband from Nashville. I did enjoy Josephine’s quick visit.

Christmas Budget list: 

1. Be present

2.Wrap someone in a hug

3. Send love

4. Donate Food

5. Make Memories

6. Be the light

Now let me tell you about my surprise birthday party. My children, Greg, Jeanne, John, Lisa, Vanessa and Richard put it by me. My grandchildren, great grandchildren and oh, so many of my family and friends were there. It was so many I can’t name or I’d forget or leave someone out. 

Bethel Gym was decorated so pretty for this old woman’s 80th birthday. Pictures way back when on the memory table, John, Greg, Ben and others frying fish and hush puppies, fries, boiling shrimp, had sausage, cole slaw, turnip greens, two beautiful cakes with lots of help from others. Gifts galore, cards and tears. I was a “mess” but I did enjoy it. come see me and I’ll tell you all about it. Okay? Thanks to everyone who came to make my day happy, God bless you!

Happy Birthday this week to: Natalie McManus, Charlotte McKnight, Tony Brock, Carolyn Calloway and Landon Graham Magee on December 12th, Yes and Mine als on the 12th, Dustin Self and Lacey Self on December 13th, Maddie Senn on December 14th, Racheal Head, Tammie Hough and my little great granddaughter, Charlie Burdeaux (2) years on December 15th, Glen Mann, and my great granddaughter Ahndi lair on December 16th, Marigrace Morris on December 17th, Jimmy Dale Parker, Morris Corbett, Mallory Head Cater and Richard Blaylock on December 18th. May these celebrate many more happy ones!

Anniversary wishes to: Tina and Eric Silk (35) years on December 15th, Geneva and Sherman Williams, Amanda and Dennis Lewis on December 16th, Margie and John Thomas (55) years on December 18th. I wish for them many more years of happiness together!

Have a blessed week and happy Christmas shopping.

Remember: The Most important part of Christmas is the First Six Letters, CHRIST!

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