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A Shoulder To Lean On

We live on this alien planet, And was we journey through this life, It can make us or it can break us, As we see God’s everlasting life. When worries cause us to stumble,  And our tears begin to overflow, Praise God for His ray of sunshine, That gives us the courage to grow. When we dwell on our sorrows,  We’ll wonder if we can make it through. Give it all to our Holy Father, He will always comfort you.  We all need a shoulder to lean on, A friend to hold our trembling hand: Jesus is our Master’s Healer, When we follow His Father’s command. Count your many blessings, in the midst of your darkest night, Our Savior will reward us, And our worst fears will take flight.

We can always lean on our Savior’s shoulder. Let your shoulder be there if someone may need it!

Have you been to Rayville since they have erected the Salvation Cross? It is awesome! The base is not completed, but it will surely be. The vision of the late Timmie Thames has come true. Thanks to so many who made this possible.

Here for a visit and to do some deer hunting was Sue Cobb from Lafayette. She hunted with Inky Cobb, but on Jerry’s deer stand. That is brother’s taking care of little sister. She did make it up to see me!

Motoring down to Crouch Springs for a short visit with their daughter and family, Mitzie and Richard Ellis, was Gary Deo and Gail Cheek. I’m sure they carried her some fish or deer meat out of their freezer to make room for more. Ha! Thats mom and dad’s way of doing things you bet.

Do you need some Christmas gift ideas? Well I have the Richland Parish Memories from Rhymes Library. The Life in a small Milltown and High Hat Sam. The life and times of Louisiana Governer Sam Houston Jones and The Battle of the Longs. The Politics of Gilles and Speed Long and a bit of Russell, come by!

Happy Birthday this week to: Randal Scott Cheek, Richard Cole Baby on November 28th, Valerie Earl, Drew Holley, Thelma Green on November 29th, Jeanette Graham Barrier, Beth Sanders, Naomi Walker on November 30th, Whitney Kay Hart, Mandy Parker Carson Thompson, Milton McManus on December 1st, Dylan Dew, Marvin Reiger on December on December 2nd, Jayce Rawls, Jason Nix, Cayden Clack and Ellie Clack on December 4th, Belated birthday to Debra Cheek on November 24th. I wish these many more happy ones!

Anniversary wishes go out to Angie and Spence Clack on Thanksgiving Day, November 28th. May they share many more happy years together!

Have a great week! Please call and share!

Remember: Never look down on anybody unless you are helping then up!

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