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In The Mud
(Author unknown)

When Napoleon invaded Egypt, he encountered a force ensconced in a mud fort that effectually defied all his efforts to destroy it. If is had been built of rock, he could have blown it up with powder, or crushed it with artillery; if it had been of wood he could have fired it with a rocket and it would have burned. However, it was a huge mass of mud, in which his iron missiles stuck fast and did little damage. He therefore left the place in despair and turned his attention to more practical targets. What this mud fort was to French soldiery, a cold, dead church is to the world of ungodly men. They are effectually protected behind this mass of seeming “religious” carnality, and utterly defy all the moral artillery of the Gospel. The heavenly missiles stick fast in this intervening obstacle, and never reach their mark because of a cold, damp barrier with no real concrete standards or spiritual authority. Their man-made religion absorbs much of what is thrown at it and seldom reacts to Godly truths.

Marlein and Pam Mathis recently celebrated their 25th anniversary on a Caribbean cruise. They boarded the Norwegian Dawn in New Orleans and sailed to Cozumel, Mexico. Then they sailed on to Honduras and went in a semi submarine to see the coral reefs. Then it was on to Belize and Costa Maya, Mexico. In Costa Maya they were able to visit the Maya Ruins. They have been on numerous cruises but had saved this one for their anniversary. Don’t know where they next trip will be.
The Cheek sister’s had their weekend together recently. Denise Thompson, Tammy Johnson drove to Garland Texas to Cheryl Cordova, met Debra Cheek there and on up to Frisco, Texas to the Sister Sandra Kay. Yes, they had a “large” time together!
Dollie and Roger Dew were here from Springhill for a visit on Tuesday. David and Debbie Massey from Bastrop were here on Thursday for a good visit.

Dan and Carol Little from West Monroe was over on Sunday. I have been blessed this past week with lots of friends.

My little great-grandson, Aiden Cheek was chosen Star Student of the six week at Start Pre-K4. I’m proud of him. He still has his walking cast but hopefully will get it off next week.

Jeanne Thompson, Lisa Dixon, Lindsey Cumpton and Lilia Traveled down to Gulf Shores where they met Kelli Ryan from Portland. Then they went into Alabama to enjoy an arts and craft show. Didn’t really want to leave the beach. Ha!

Happy Birthday this week: Jessica Patrick on March 30th, April Sarha on March 31st, Scott Franklin on April 1st, Jody Rawls, Meagan Jones Mann, Erich Carbett and Dr. Williams (billy) House on April 3rd, Mrs, Myrtis Mann, Bonnie Graham Sapp on April 5th. I wish all of these many more to celebrate. Anniversary wishes to: Carolyn and Leo Lyles, Jr. (33 years), Jennifer and Michael Franks (27 years) on March 31st, Janet and Dennis Williamson on April 1st, Connie and Charles Dove and Jane and Steve Lofton on April 3rd. May these share many more happy years together!

The grass is growing at the cemeteries and need mowing so don’t forget it takes money for this, so don’t forget your cemetery donations!

Have a great week!

Remember: We will all meet again and when that time comes, it will be a great reunion.

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