Holly Ridge Happenings

Three things in life that one gone, never come back: time, words opportunity. 

Three things in life that can destroy a person: anger, pride, unforgiveness.

Three things in life that are never certain: fortune success, dreams. 

Three things in life that make a person: commitment, sincerity, hard work.

Three things in life that are most valuable: love, family and friends, kindness.

Three things life that you should never lose: hope, peace, honesty.

Three things that are constant: Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

Stella Absher spent a few days in Lufkin Texas with her daughter, Regina, and Bryan Lipscomb and their children. I know she surely enjoyed her little get a way.

Jeanne and Kellie Ryan went back out to Canton and Tyler way looking for a house for the Ryans Ha!. One day they will find one. Maybe.

Thanks to all who read my Happenings and comment on enjoying them. I’d do better if people would call their happenings to me. Okay!

I got a sweet call from Remona, She said, “Aunt Shirley I don’t want a thing, I just called to tell you that I love you.” I said, “Monie, if everyone loved me as much as you I’d be alright” She said,  “But then you would have to do as much for them as me.” Ha! That girl won’t do. But I do love her too!

God is Good!!! What a wonderful rain He sent your way.

The Bible Doesn’t Lie

Creation actually happened. Noah and the Flood actually happened. Sodom and Gomorrah actually happened.

The ten plagues of Egypt actually happened. The Crossing of the Red Sea actually happened. 

Jesus was actually born, Jesus actually died on the cross. Jesus was resurrected from the dead. Jesus actually ascended to Heaven. The Holy Spirit actually came at Pentecost. The Antichrist is actually coming and the wrath of God is actually happening! 

But before that. Jesus is actually coming back in the air for His Church! He is our Blessed Hope. 

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Happy Birthday this week to: My granddaughter, Lena Kate Burdeau, Chris Mann and Staci Sanders on October 11th, Randy Vaughn, Paula Hough, Micheal Smith and Mason Hale on October 12th, My great Nephew, Jacob Jackson on October 13th, Tim Stokes, Betty Corbett, Zoe Moore on October 15th. May these celebrate many more happy birthdays!!!

Anniversary wishes to: Edward and Vivian Hall (63) years on October 10th, Larry and Patty Dew (48) years on October 15th. May these share many more happy years together!

Have a great week! Do call and share.

Remember: If we could spread love as quickly as we spread hate and negativity, what an amazing world we would live in.

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