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Jesus, I whispered as I knelt down to pray. I called out the name of Jesus and nothing else did I need to say. 

As I called the sweet name of Jesus it drew Him very near. Cause there’s power in His name that will cast out all fear. 

Jesus, I whispered during the darkness of the night a ray of hope stirred within as I hung on with all my might. 

When I called the name of Jesus my prayer ascended to the throne. 

Cause the precious name of Jesus can calm any storm. 

Jesus, I whispered when I couldn’t see my way calling His name became a prayer and 

He lifted me that day. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. It is the name above all names. It’s the shortest prayer one can pray but HE will answer just the same.

I got a call from Mary Russell (ole granny) telling me what a great Valentine’s Day lunch they had at the Council on Aging. She said they had a great tie and lots’ of good food, thanks to Bonnie Payne, Lou Townsend, Linda Cade and Brenda Colson, Mrs. Lucille Stevens was the oldest at the party and was presented a pretty corsage, Thanks Mary.

Jaci and Maria Thompson were in New York for four days last week. Maria, was at a nursing meeting and Jaci was along for the ride and sight seeing. They had a very  good time.

I had a very good week. Wayne and Brenda McManus come up on Saturday for a visit. It was Wayne’s first outing in like four weeks or since his surgery.  They looked great after celebrating 50 years together. I felt special that they choose to come here to see me.

Sunday, Late evening my doorbell rang and it was Tracy Antley, her little grandson, Kyler are her sister Terri from up from Oregon state. We had the best visit and it had been a long time I last saw them. 

Monday, Mrs. Lillain Reems and her daughter, Linda Reems Nix from Neunam, Ga., come up for a visit. Linda and Billy had been visiting here for four days with her mom. Linda and Billy had been gone from their home for some six weeks. 

They went up to Washington State to stay with their seven grandchildren, Grace, 15, Cole 11, Tate, 10, Grant, 9, Chase, 6, Tess, 5, and Finn ,2.5 while Jason and Lori Nix went to Panama for a week on a trip she had won on her job. They also stopped along their way to visit with their buddies that they had not seen for sometime. By the way their grandchildren just happen to be the great grandchildren of Mrs. Lillian Reems.

It is almost mowing time again so if you have loved ones interned at Bethel or McKnight cemetery please send in your donation for the upkeep.  Thanks to all who do help!

Happy Birthday this week to: Leo Lyle Jr, and Avindi Thomas on February 22nd, Mandy Gibson, Vickie Freeland, Keith Caston, Ricky Goodman, Charline Dusharne and my neice Jeannie Green on February 23, Slyler Hamm on February 24th, My great grandson, Lane Chappell on February 25th, Jean Warren Melton and Diane Cobb on February 26th, Ida Morgan, Bobby Thrower, Ashley McCowin on February 28th. May these celebrate many more!

Happy Anniversary wishes to my “little” brother and sister in law Terry and Denise Thompson (42 years) on February 27th. May they share many more happy years together.

Have a great week. Stay dry if you can.

Remember: FAITH is trusting GOD even when you don’t understand HIS plan.

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