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How can we love others better?

This question could have many explanations depending on who we ask. But as Christians, the answer can be summed up as such: BE YOURSELF. 

The Bible says God has poured His love into us; that love is His very Spirit. We’ve been infused with love because that’s what God is, LOVE. Threre’s no need to “try” to be ourselves. It is when we forget who we are, we should quickly refocus on who we are. New, love beings. 

The foundation of loving others better is simply learning more about our supernatural identity and then just BE.  We believers are more loving than we could possibly realize, and this love in us is more unchangeable than we’ll ever know. It’s Jesus but not just Him. It’s you too, friend.

Thanks for all your calls, prayers and thoughfullness in my stressful ordeal last week! Only God kept me safe!

My week was filled with visitors, Cara Mae McKnight Duncan from Bastropp and Francis Moore Johnson from Star City, Ark. was here for a good visit on Monday.  

Mike McDonald from Florida came by on Wednesday. He was from here and graduated from Rayville.

 Gracie Reed Pryor from Monroe come by on Thursday. She had spent a couple of days with her sister, Janie and Huey Green and Sister Alice Reed Shaw. She is such a sweet lady. I love her lots! 

 Friday brought quite a surprise when Kelsie went by the window. She was off for the day from work at Lafayette so she said “ Granny, Like you say” a short visit is better than none at all. So ture. She only got to spend the afternoon  between her mama, Tyler and me. But that was good! 

Jenna Bolster, Stephen, Ethan, May and Eliana from Texarkana spent the weekend with Steve and Janice Lofton.

Deryl and Deloris Caston celebrated their 58th year anniversary with a trip up to Seymour, TN. to visit with her sister Penny and Tommy McKeithen. They planned ot go to Pigeon Forge and Lancaster, PA. for the Amish Fair. Good trip. 

One of my classmates, Sarah Neathery Howard from Kentucky called me on Thursday to say they were not gonna get to our class reunion. But at least she called for me to tell all hello!

Our class reunion was great again, we had twenty four graduates and spouses there. There was a lot of “remember when” going on, tells from years back and probably “streched truth” Ha! Those who did not come missed it. Well, maybe next year Okay?

Our love, prayers and heartfelt sympathy goes out to Stella Absher and her family. Their love one, Bud Absher took his Heavenly Flight last Friday mourning. He will surely be missed by all who knew him. May God continue to bless each one touched by home going. God bless you all!

So sorry to hear about Mrs. Lillian Reems falling and hurting her ribs. I know how that hurts. I know her children, Blly and Linday Nix from Newman, Ga., made her fell better while they were here. Hope she will soon be feeling like her usual self, back to doing her own thing you take care, litttle lady!

Happy Birthday this week to Janie Shoemaker on September 5th, Connie Cheek on September 6th, David Toney on September 7th, Wayne Hubbard, Tyler Rawls, Glen Stanley and Shirly Beach on September 8th, Mary Russell (old granny), Alan Thompson and my greatgrandson Aiden Cheek (7) years  on September 10th, Cathy Calson, Cole Mills, Lane Dew on September 11th. May these celebrate many more happy ones!

Anniversary wishes to: Terrah T. and Lance Johnson on September 6th. I wish for thse many more happy years together! Frankie and Elizabeth Faust who celebrated 33 years on August 29th. Have a great, safe and happy week! 

Remember: To avoid trouble and insure safety, breath through your nose. It will keep your mouth shut. Ha!

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