Holly Ridge Happenings

Tonight as you fold back your bed covers and lay your head upon the pillow, fold your hands in prayer and lay this day at the feet of your Heavenly Father. Wrap your failures and regrets in a prayer of forgiveness, your blessings, joys and successes in a prayer of Thanksgiving, and your cares for tomorrow in a prayer of surrender. And give them all to God. Then, with a smile on your face and peace in your heart, wrap up in the warm embrace of your Heavenly Father and enjoy sweet sleep.


Stopping by on Wednesday was my friend, Judy Hough. She was on her way home from her mom’s, Jean Oldhom, in Oak Grove. She couldn’t stay long because she had company coming for supper with her and James. Always good to see my Judy!

Leaving on Tuesday evening, going to Jackson to fly out the next morning for New York, was Tyler and Ashley Cheek. 

They enjoyed so many places of interest there and had so many pictures, but it would have been more enjoyable had Tyler not gotten sick. They arrived back at home late Saturday. A once in a life time trip, I’m sure.

Vanessa carried her grandson’s Carter and Aiden Cheek to Hot Springs on Thursday afternoon, they enjoyed Put-Put golf then Friday to the waterpark. They left there and went to Fort Smith where they enjoyed the famous train ride. Coming home late Saturday night just give out. The all three enjoyed that!

Greg, Jeanne, Ben, Ahndi, Cooper, Cotten and friend Keira all motored down to Gulf Shores for an exciting stay on the hot sandy beaches. They all loved it as always.

There is no perfect life, no perfect job, no perfect childhood, no perfect marriage and no perfect set of people who always do what we expect them to do. What we have is a Perfect God who is able to lead us through this imperfect life with unfailing strength, incomparable wisdom and infinite Love.

I was glad to see Angie W. Langley this week of course I called her Morgan (her daughter) she looks just like her. she now lives in Delhi and could come by more often. Ha!

Don’t forget Holly Ridge Class  of 57 Reunion, Saturday, August 31st at the Picadilly in Monroe, 4-till. Hope to see you there!

Happy Birthday this week to: LaShonda Rhodlen, B.B. Thompson, Kohlson Riley Barton on August 8th, Tammie Dickson on August 9th, Stephanie Stokes, Heather Silk, Bobbie Stell, Carly Mann on August 11th. John Karleigh Cheek on August 12th, Donnie Hough on August 13th, John Crocker, Brandi Corley, Breonna Cheek, Molly Stokes on August 14th. May these celebrate many more happy ones!

Happy Anniversary to: Mary and Tim Stokes on August 8th, my grandchildren Ashley and Tyler Cheek (15) years on August 14th. May these share many more happy years together!

If you have a veteran, loved one friend buried in Bethel or McKnight Cemetery call Louise Cater to order your Wreath across America  to place on their graves.

Have a great week! Calla and share.

Remember: Perhaps no sin so easily besets us as a sense of self-satisfied superiority to others.

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