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How Big Is God?

A boy asked his father, “Dad, what is the size of God?” 

Then the father looked up at the sky and saw a plane and asked his son: “What is the size of this plane?” 

The boy replied: “It is very small, I can hardly see it. 

Then, the father took him to the airport and as they approached a plane, he asked: “Now, my son, how big is this plane?” 

The boy replied “Wow dad, it’s huge!” 

Then the father told him “God’s size depends on how close or far you are to him. The closer you are to Him, the greater and greater he will be in your life.”


I don’t think too many people were traveling the last few days because of Barry, but we were very blessed during this time. God is Good all the time! 

Don’t forget Mrs. Pauline’s birthday party this Saturday at West New Home! See you there.

Coming by on Monday morning was “Pee Wee” Stokes and Debbie Burgess. They had finished their job in Mer Rouge and came by for their ice cream. Always good to see them girls!

Our heartfelt love and prayers go out to the Morris family in the sudden loss of their loved on, Joseph. Only God can fill the void left by his death. 

To the family and friends of Mr. Frank Greer over love and sympathy goes out to you. He will surely be missed for a long time. May God bless you all.

Also to the family and friends of Bro. Woodson McGuffie at his homegoing this week. His funeral was on Sunday at Rocky Branch Church were he pastored for several years. Woodson was a young man when his father, Bro. Harry McGuffie and Mrs. Hattie was at Bethel Church and we loved them dearly. God love will take care during this loss for each one touched by his life!

Don’t forget our class reunion! Give me a call. 

A blood donor saved my life. His name is Jesus Christ.

Happy Birthday this week to: Elizabeth B. Sharplin on July 18th, Lana Sue Clack, Brance Franks, Wayne Vondenstein on July 19th, Niki Thompson, Mrs. Pauline Watson (95) on July 20th, Shannon Miller and Roman Rawls on July 21sts, Sherry Ingram Hamm on July 23rd, Roy Franklin on July 24th. May these celebrate many more happy ones!

Anniversary wishes to Lylie and Brad Brown (10) years  on July 18th, Carolyn and Everette Calloway on July 24th. I wish for these many more happy years together.

Have a great week! Please call and share. Others do care!

Remember: The church doesn’t need more people who think they’re leaders, it needs more people who know they’re servants.

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