Holly Ridge Happenings

Where can we go that God does not go?


As a Christian, we literally house His Spirit, permanently. 

The legalist will say if we sin, He leaves, but that isn’t true. 

Sure, before the Cross, God came and went based on righteous behavior and sins being atoned for by animal blood. But now, our sins have been taken away past, present and future by Jesus’ Blood. Yes, even future sins. 

All of our sins were in the future when Christ died for them. He’ll never die again, which would be necessary to forgive you again. It is finished.

Be confident in the fact that His Holy Spirit will never leave you when you mess up. And where you go, He goes! 

The work of Jesus has caused you to be infused with God forever!

First, the class of 1957, Holly Ridge High School is planning their 62nd reunion. August 31, 2019, 4 p.m. till at the Picadilly Cafeteria in Monroe. If you would like to spend some time “remembering when” with us “ole folks,” just drop by. You will enjoy it.

Stopping in on Friday to say hello was Richard Mann from Downsville. He had already been to the sweet corn patch to get corn and said he had to hurry home to get it cut. Yes, I had already been blessed by Tyler and Josh who brought mine and Aunt Lannie helped me (she cut most of it) cut it off. Sooo good!

Remona and David Rawls left early Friday morning, stopping in Monroe to pick grandmother Margie up and they headed to Tishimengo,  Okla., to carry Roman Rawls home. He had been here visiting. They did enjoy Saturday out with Jamie and Deline Rawls. Had a safe but very quick trip!

Ben and Emily Thompson, Ahndi and Cooper motored out to Dallas on Saturday where they attended the Train Concert. Enjoyed that and other places for and enjoyable Sunday coming home. 

Got a call from Mrs. Mary Russell (ole granny) to tell me how much she enjoyed the Day at the Lake on Friday, beautiful but hot day. Sponsored by R.P.S.O. They enjoyed, fish, fries, hushpuppies and drinks, Music by the Mike McKenzie Band and boat ride. She does appreciate our Sheriffs officers!

She told me that she went to Barbara McCormick and Aiden met her at the door and Said, “Memo, Ole Granny is here, it’s coffee time” He is one more little card. Love him to death!

Happy Birthday this week to: Jean Silk, A.C. Hewitt, Elizabeth Sharplin on July 4th, Cassie Livingston, Jonathan Williams, Logan and Katie Stewart (5) years on July 5th, Geneva Williams, Tonay Bagsby, Finn Nix on July 6th, Kelsie Toney on July 8th, Kay Silk on July 9th. May these celebrate many more!

Anniversary wishes to: Linda and William Cade on July 4th, Cindy and Alvin Bell on July 7th, Jan and Donnie Maxwell on July 10th. May these share many more happy years together!

Have a great week and Happy Independence Day!

Remember: The perfect cure for worrying is trusting God.

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