Holly Ridge Happenings

We better stop disliking people over what we heard and be thankful God isn’t disliking us over what He knows!

God has given us: 

Eyes, not to judge others but to look beyond situations;

Mouth, not to criticize but to speak for the truth;

Hands, not to punish but to give a helping hand;

Ears, not to be insensitive but to listen and aid those in pain.

Everything God gave us has it’s purpose. Use them for the greater glory of the Lord.

Did you know our mind  is our garden? Our thoughts are the seeds. We can grow flowers or we can grow weeds.


Another great week for me, so many great friends dropped by Tuesday. Barbara Jean Boggs and brother, Johnny Johnson from Farmerville, were here. Dan and Carol Little from West Monroe stopped by to check on me. Ha

Distant relative Jacgrue Burchfield from Bastrop came by. She and Jeff were at Poverty Point Camp Grounds for a week. She had gone back to Bastrop to do laundry so she took a few minutes to chat with me. Friday, Ralph Odam stopped by. We did a lot of “remembering when.” Real interestting. He said he stopped by to check on the window and orphans. Ha! I may fit both.

Saturday, James Ivey Livingston from Haugton stopped for a coke. He was moving a trailer house from Oak Grove to Alexandria. That boy stays busy from all accounts! Also, Tracy and Candace Pruitt and their pretty girls, Pepper and Aubrey, visited with me quiet a while, was so good to see them.

The family of the late T. Buck and Clotile Gewin had their annual family reunion on Saturday, June 1st, at the Rayville Moose Lodge. 

Their children and spouse who were there were W.M. Gwin from Ashtown, Ark., Arthhur Gwin from Pairville. Barbara Callegan from White Castle. Gail Mitchell from Many and Ruby Smith of Rayville. There was grandchildren, great grandchildren  and great, great grandchildren. There was near one hundred who gathered for food, food, fun and fellowship and lots of talk and love. 

Ann smith, Robin Roberts, Gail Mitchell, Bella and Lola from the Gwins did come for ice cream.

Also Caressa Walker, Jan and Troy from Monroe was here for their ice cream, Oh! what a week.

Tyler Ashley, Carter and Aiden Cheek have returned from their trip to Panama City, Florida where they did enjoy the beaches!

Happy Birthday this week to: Bobby McCowin, Joel Lively, Larry Lockenby on June 6th, Grant Vaughn, Dollie Dew and John Dyess on June 7th, My girl Vanessa Thompson, Judy Caldwell, Susan Goodman, Leighann Robbins, Bailey Hale on June 8th, Heath Dew, Drake Eppinette on June 9th, Alexa Roberts on June 10th, Sharon P. Baum on June 11th, Karlym Ulmer, Rocky Gibson, June Lewis and Mrs Evilyn House on June 12th, Tyler Mann on June 13th. May these celebrate many  more happy ones!

Anniversary wishes to: Lettie and Blanchard on June 7, Leatha and Heath Dew on June 9th. May these share many more happy years together!

Have a great week and Please call and share!

Remember: God is not going to rewrite the Bible just for your generation. His word remains the same forever and always.

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