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Life’s Bittersweet Disappointments are  God’s Sweetest Appointments

Out of Life’s misery born of man’s sin a richer, fuller life begins. For when we are helpless with no place to go our hearts are heavy and our spirits are low. If we place our poor, broken live in God’s hands and surrender ccomplety to His will and demands the “darkness lifts” and the “sun shines through”. And by His touch, we are “born anew”

 So praise God for trouble that “cuts like a knife”. And disappointments that shatter your life, for with patience to wait and faith to endure, your life will be blessed and your future secure. For God is but testing your faith and your love. Before He “appoints you” to rise for above all things so small that sorely distress you. 

For God’s only intention is to strengthen and bless you.

Here last week for a visit with Tammie and Noel Johnson was Cherly Cardova from Dallas. They also visited with Ralph and Janet Cheek and enjoyed a large pot of red beans and rice with the trimmings prepared by Janet. Good, Good!

Connie Jo Burney come over from Jackson, Mississippi and she, Dennis Tammie and Cherly had a great day in Winnsboro at the flea market. 

Our heartfelt sympathy and love goes out to the families of Phylis Jones, Paul Clay and James Hunt. May God’s love sustain each one touched by their home going. God bless each one.

Happy Birthday this week to: Katie Richardson on February 8th, Summer Graham, Alan Jordan and my cuz, Melvin Crawford on February 9th, Kelly Ann Taylor, Issac Blaylock on February 10th, Ralph Clack and Connie Jo Burney on February 11th, Wayne Moore and Brady Afeman on February 12th, Kayla Tarver Brown on February 1st, My Valentines, Dawn Thompson, Jody Stokes, Fred Franklin, Tracie Morris, Landon Lee on February 14th. I wish all of these to celebrate many more.

Anniversary wishes: My Children, Greg and Jeanne Thompson (39 years) on February 10, Heath and Melanie Rawls on February 12th,  Marlon and Pam Mathis on February 13th. May these share many more happy years together!

Have a great week! Try and stay dry, Ha. The groundhog surely may be right.

Remember: A church’s vitality is not measured by how many people fill the pews, but rather by how much of those people are filled with Jesus.

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