Holly Ridge Happenings

They gathered His body so tattered and torn it was finished, the Savior had died.

They carried Him gently to an empty tomb as the people watched and they cried. 

The tomb was dark, dreary, and cold as they laid Him to rest evermore. 

They all quietly left not looking back as the stone was rolled to the door. 

Three days went by then all of a sudden the darkness was expelled by a light. 

He had arose, as He said He would do, the morning was so beautiful and bright. 

He soon would ascend back to his Father where He would sit by His side on His throne. 

He would make intercession on our behalf and we would never be lost nor alone. 

“So then after the Lord had spoken unto them, he was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God.” 

Mark 16:19



Well, Bethel’s “little preacher boy”, Bro. Laverne Inzer has taken his Heavenly flight. Yes, he passed away back in December but we only heard about it last week, thanks to Fay Jinks. I’ll tell you that he was called into the ministry and has led many, many lost people to know the Lord. 

What a great testimony!!

Here on Tuesday was Mac Livingston from Haughton. He was down for the funeral services of Wilbur Dove. I enjoyed his visit.

Stopping in on Thursday to check on me were Tyler Wade and Claude Mercer from the R.P.S.O. I do appreciate being checked on, Thanks!

My little niece, Mara T. and her husband, Kyle Brown, from Monroe attended the Masters Tournament. I know they enjoyed their weekend and Tiger Woods won!

Gosh, my friend Louise has not been doing well. I wish her recovery to speed up.

Happy Birthday this week to Monica Cheek Smith, Will Cheek on April 13th, Tammie Pitman, Laverene Meeks on April 19th, Kansas Nappur, Tyler Blaylock on April 20th, Allen Nettles, Gracie Ruth Marsh on April 21st, Ryan Clack, Bety Stewart, Donna Jones on April 22, My great great niece Regina Rawls on April 23rd, My nephew Butch Stokes, Katherine Golly on April 24th. May these celebrate many more happy ones. 

Anniversary wishes to Debbie and Mike Steel on April 19th, Vickie and Gary Freeland on April 20th. I wish these many more of happy years together!

Our heartfelt sympathy and love goes out to the families and friends of Wilbur dove, Dale Hogg and Freddie McLemore. God called them home during this week. Only God’s love can see them through their time of grief. May God bless each one!

Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near, so loved, so missed, so very near!

Have a great week and a Very Happy Easter.

Remember: You know you have gone blind when you can “see nothing wrong” with something that God has called sin. 

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