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I Am!

I am loving you, I am listening to you, I am answering your prayers, I am guiding you, I am protecting you. All I ask of you is BELIEVE IN ME  and have a desire to have ME as your Best Friend! Jesus Christ.

The Rawls family reunion was held on Saturday, March 9th, 2019 at the West New Home Church. The descendants of Ocar and Rachel Rawls, Alford and Helen Rawls, Eseel and Mattie Rawls and Red and Ruth Rawls were represented well. A cousin, Gary Rawls from Midland Texas, cooked a good brisket for meat and everyone else brought pot luck.  There was a lot of kissin’ cousins who ate like Porkey Pig and were all merry! Great time. Thanks to West New Home Church people for allowing them to do so.

I was so surprised on Wednesday. Aunt Lannie came in and said “Well no one was here but me,” but then Mr, Wooden and Mrs. Margie Thompson from down at Monterey came in. We all had the best visit. Was so good to see Mrs. Margie.

Tuesday visitors were new ones for me, Randy and Stephanie Walters from Rayville, came by. I had never met them. Randy tried an ice cream cone but she didn’t. Was nice meeting them. Maybe they will return soon.

Cooper Thompson ate his birthday lunch with us on Sunday. Then Cooper Carter, Ahndi, Jeann, Grace, Ben and Emily went for Cooper’s outing at the Escape Room on Louisville in Monroe. They had an hour to find clues and I think they had two minutes to the good. Ha!

Pray like Nehemiah. Obey like Daniel. Lead like Moses. Serve like Martha. Believe like Mary. Fight like David. Educate like Paul. Build like Noah. Love like JESUS.

Mrs. Mary Russell from Start called to tell me what a wonderful fish fry, fries and hushpuppies, cookies and cupcakes they enjoyed at the Delhi Civic Center for the Rayville and Delhi Council on Aging. The lunches was possible by Sheriff Gary Gilley and the department. Mrs. Mary wanted to Thank him and the ones who did the cooking and serving. I believe I need to join the council on aging. Ha! Thanks again Gary!

Happy Birthday this week to Jeanette Chowns, Nic Tannahill on March 15th, Tanya Thompson, Lauren Thompson on March 16th, Peyton Thompson, Kellie w. Ryan, Madeline Farmer on March 17th, Teigan Thompson on March 18th, Gharen Whittington, Stella McLemore on March 20th. May these celebrate many more!

Anniversary wishes to Sherry and Thomas Hamm, and Angie and A.C. Hewitt (22) years on March 15th, Kaye and Mike Silk (20) years on March 17th. May they share many more happy years together!

Have a great week. Call and share.

Remember: “You may juggle human laws, you may fool human courts, but there is a judgement to come, and for it there is no appeal.”

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