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Things Remembered

Many people give engraved items in honor of a special day or shared moment. If you have received such a gift, you know what a treasure it can become. People like to remember happy times and significant events. Memories are precious; they keep us connected to people, places, and events that have shaped us and influence our lives.

In 1 Corinthians 11, Paul gives instructions concerning the Lord’s Supper and in doing so reminds the Corinthian Christians of two things; their personal salvation in Christ and that participation in the Supper carries inward and outward aspects. Inwardly. participants are to examine themselves spiritually before taking the Supper (v 27-28). Outwardly participants proclaim through the Supper the Lord’s death until He returns (v 26). Paul said that our observance of the Lord’s Supper is to be done to help us to remember Christ. Perhaps we are never more the church, the bride of Christ, than when we gather at the table to worship by remembering HIM. May we never forget.

Bro. Robert MaGaha from Homer stopped in on Wednesday afternoon. He had been to visit Virgil Thornton Jr. His plans were to visit his brother, then Glenda Rawls and Brenda Whittington but I don’t know if he made all stops since he was pushing time because of prayer meeting at his church. But He had time for his ice cream cone. Ha!

My Greg and Jeanne celebrated their 40th anniversary on the 12th and enjoyed a night away over in Shreveport. Well his mother could have fixed him a grill cheese sandwich (with meat) Ha. thats a joke!

Coming by on Saturday were Bob and Sandra Hollinworth from Vicksburg. They are friends of David and Kay Shanks in Bossier City and were to meet them at the Warehouse in Monroe for dinner. I enjoyed their brief visit.

Danille Duckworth and Jax spent time in Shreveport on Saturday night. They enjoyed the Cirque du Soleil show. Quite interesting I’m sure.

Carter Cheek celebrated his 12th birthday on Sunday with cake, ice cream (Forte Nite Cake) and blow up game in the yard. Cold and wet, yes, but the kids enjoyed it. They started celebrating on Saturday, taking the Stokes twins, Cater and Aiden to the Mardis Gra parade, then grilled burgers when they got home.

Judgement Day, on that day it it will not matter how popular you are, the riches and possessions you have acquired will be meaningless. Your opinion, culture, race or religion will not matter. On that day only a personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST is all that will matter.

Happy Birthday this week to Chase Caston and Sonya Nittles on February 21st, Leo Lyle Jr, and Avoindi Patrick on February 22nd, Mandi, Vicke Freeland, Keith Caston, Ricky Goodman, Charlene Ducharme and  my niece, Jeannie Green on February 23rd, Skyler Hamm on February 24th, my great-grandson, Lane Chappell on February 25th, Jean Warren Farris, Diane Cobb on February 26th, Belated wishes to Don Howard on February 12th, and Sarah Neathery Howard on February 19th. May each of these celebrate many more happy ones!

Anniversary wishes to Terry and Denise Thompson (43) years on February 27th, I wish them many more happy years together!

Have a blessed week. Try to stay dry. Ha!

Remember: Don’t twist the Word to fit your life, Instead, you should untwist your life to fit the word!

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