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Mrs. Prayer Meeting dies recently at the First Neglected Church on Worldly Avenue. 

Born many years ago in the midst of great revivals, she was once a strong, healty child, fed largely on testimony and Bible study. She soon grew to worldwide prominence and was one of the most infuential members of a famous church family. For the past several years, Sister Prayer Meeting has been failing in health. 

She gradually wasted away until rendered helpless by stiffness of knees and coldness of heart, inactivity, and weakness of purpose and will power. At the last, she was but a shadow of her former, happy self. 

Her last whispered words were inquiries concerning the strange absence of her loved ones now busy in the markets of trade and places of worldy amusements. Experts including Dr. Works, Dr. Reformer, and Dr. Joiner disagreed as to the cause of her fatal illness. They administered larges doses of organization, socials, contest, and drives, but to no avial. 

A post-mortem showed that a deficiency of spirtual food, coupled with lack of faith, and general support were contributing causes. Only a few were present at her death, sobbing over memories of her past beauty and power. 

In honor of her passing, the church doors will be closed on Wednesday nights, except the third Wednesday of each month when the Ladies Pink Lemonade Society will serve refreshments to the men’s ball team.

We at Bethel Church welcome Bro. Milton McManus and his wife Rhonda as our new pastor. May God Bless them and us during this time at Bethel.

Josh and Courtney Toney, Channing and Brooklin enjoyed a get-a-way to sandals Beach at Turks celebrating their tenth anniversary. Gosh how time flies!

My little great grandson, Cotton Thompson celebrated his number two birthday with his family, Ben and Emily Thompson, Ahndi and Cooper with a weekend trip out to Epic Waters in Grand Prairie, Texas. Had a fantastic time!

If you want God to bless America stop legalizing sin!

Happy Birthday this week to Hannah and Haley Cheeks, Spence Chowns on January 31st, Carly Thompson, Brandon Dove on February 1st, Skipper Vaughn, Ben Clack, Caleb Tarver, Torry Dew Stout on February 2nd, (Ground hog Day) Jenna Bolster, Jimmy Smith, Richard Benivedas, Brenda McManus on Febrauary 3rd, Stacy Mac Cordell, Lesa Caston, Grant Nix on February 4th, Dakot Mann, Shane Hamma, Turman Thompson on Febraury 6th, May these celebrate many more.

Anniversary wishes to Regina and Brian Lipscomb (22) years on February 1st, Lavern and Joe Meeks (66) years on February 6th. I wish these fine couples many more happy years together!

Our sincere love and prayers of sympathy to the family and friends of Klaus McDonald who was called home last week. God bless each on touched by his homegoing!

Have a Great Week!

Lord, I believe that You created me for a special purpose, and that You have a perfect plan for my life. I ask that You fulfill Your purpose for me, and help me to do my part by earnestly seeking You daily through prayer and Your word in Jesus name. Amen.

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