Holly Ridge Happenings

To: You
From: God
Subject: Yourself
Reference: Life

This is God, today I will be handling all your problems for you. I do not need your help so have a good day. I Love you. P.S. and remember, if life happens to deliver a situation that you cannot handle, do not attempt to resolve it yourself!  Kindly put it in the SFGTD (something for God to do) Box. I will get to it in MY TIME, NOT YOURS. Once the matter is placed in the box, do not hold on to it by worrying about it. Instead, focus on all the wonderful things present in your life now. Now, enjoy your day.  I’ve seen you struggling. And I say, it’s over. A blessing will come your way.

Stopping in during the holidays was Micheal Toney and his wife from Houston, Texas.  Micheal is the son of Billy Joe Toney who grew up North Holly Ridge, even graduated with me. Ha.

Louise Cater spent Christmas in Jackson Mississippi at her grandchildren, Jason and Lindsey Martinez and little Kyla Jo with Randy and Angie and Jordan Martinez. Coming back for Christmas supper with Gary and Angie Cater, Corbin, Mallory and Georgia Pearl, Chase and Caroline. She had a great Christmas.

Tonja Thompson had all of her family celebrate Christmas in Monroe at the home of Juri and Maria and Aubre Thompson.

The Stokes, Rawls, Jacksons, Greens enjoyed breakfast brunch in the home of Cassie and Trent Livingston in Start. There are too many for Aunt Shirley to remember. Had a great time anyway!

My family (most of them) had the usual Christmas breakfast to my house for gift opening. Then I come to the store to do my Christmas dinner.

God is so good and I’m so blessed! Thanks to all who called and missed my column of happenings but, I’m back!!

Richard Freeland, Tommy and Charlie Morgan motored up to Tennessee for the Funeral Service and Burial of Michael Freeland who was killed in a car accident.

Richard Freeland had been up in Illinois for bow hunting at the camp of a friend. Well he did not bring home any meat. Ha!

My Greg and Jeannie have had to move back here from the Kingsport Island. The mighty Mississippi River had risen way up again.

Once a man was asked, “What did you gain by regularly praying to God?” 

The man replied, “Nothing, but let me tell you what I lost. Anger, ego, greed, depression, insecurity and fear of death.”

Sometimes the answer to our prayers is not gaining but losing; which ultimately is the gain.

Happy Birthday this week to: Mark Ahesher on January 12th, Rene Jackson, Jack Green, Scott Dew, Kyle and April Bridges on January 13th, Gavin Clark,  Chance Caston, Tonie Bragg on January 14th, My daughter in law Jeanne Thompson, grandson, Andy Chappel, Evan Jones, Kenny Johnston, Barbara Gwin Callegan on January 15th, Austin Self on January 16th, Nolan Cheek, Krystal Toney on January 17th, Mike Steele, Heather Cowart on January 18th. May these celebrate many more happy ones and I hope for those in the last to weeks that I did not write, Had a very happy one also!

Anniversary wishes to: Lisa and Max Dixson (40) years on January 12th, Miranda and Adam Holley on January 18th. May these share many more happy years to celebrate!

Have a great week! Please call and share.

Remember: Life does not begin at 40. Life begins with knowing Jesus!

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