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I Shall Prevail

Even though I struggle and have had enough setbacks to cause me to shed a tear; and even though I face challenges so great, that they cause me to tremble  in fear. At times, I lose faith, and struggle with doubts that cause me to believe that I’ll fail; God reminds me of His love; In Him, I shall prevail. I sometimes make poor choices and do things that cause me to wander and lose my way. I don’t always listen to good advice and when I’m stubborn, I begin to stray. I might easily throw up my hands in frustration because I think that I will fail. But God is faithful. In Him I shall prevail. I will still believe even though I have struggles that at times seem too great to bear. I will bow down and cast upon God my every care. I have a God, who will strengthen and renew me even when I fell that I might fail. I will have faith. I will not give up. For with God’s help, I shall prevail.

We at Bethal enjoyed having Bro. Doyle Volentine to bring our message on Sunday. Our interim pastor Bro Charles Best had a bad case of the flu.

We also enjoyed Paul Wells come to bring us some good singing along with Milton Ringle. Milton has been doing our music since Ralph Cheek had his stroke and Steve Lofton stepped up to the plate to touch our sunday school in Ralph Absence. Bro. Paul’s wife, Diane, sent a treat tray with lots of doughnuts, etc. Thanks.

Mrs. Charlene Towers called with news her son, Tim Towers, who lives in Tuscon, Arizona, but is now in England on a job in Indonesia in a copper mine. She said enjoyed his calling but would be glad when he gets home. I’ll bet!

Susan Hobbs Hall from West Monroe was in on Saturday after visiting in the cemetery at Bethel where her grandparents are buried. We had a good visit.

Rev. Waymond Swain from Bastrop come to the store with his little brother Floyd. They enjoyed an ice cream cone while we visited.

Happy Birthday this week to: My little great nephew, Jacob Thompson, Chelsea Marie Lyons on January 26th, Toni Elkins, Austin Sharbono on January 27th, Hallie Marie Graham, Carson Gratham on January 29th, My granddaughter, Kelsie Cheek, my niece Terrah Thompson Johnson, Susan Graham, Alvin Hough “Shorty on January 30th, Spence Chowns on January 31st, Harley and Hannah Cheek, May these celebrate many more.

Anniversary wishes to: My little brother and wife Malvin and Sharon Sistrunk on January 28th, David and Debbie Massey on January 29th. I wish them many more happy years together!

Have a great week! Don’t take the flu bug. 

Remember: I said a prayer for you today and know God must have heard. I felt the answer in my heart. Although He spoke no word I didn’t ask for wealth or fame. I asked Him to send treasures of a far more lasting kind. 

I asked that He’d be near you at the start of each new day. To grant you health and blessings and friends to share.your way. I asked for happiness for you in all things great and small. But it was for His loving care I prayed the most of all.

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