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The phrase “Do not be afraid” is written in the Bible 365 times. Thats a daily reminder from God to live everyday fearless. 

Jesus was not an American. He was not White, Black, Asian or Hispanic. Neither was he a Pentecostal, Baptist, Methodist or Catholic. He was and is the SON OF GOD. He will never fit into an American, nor a religious mold. The sooner we try to be like him and stop trying to make him be like us, the sooner we will see His purpose fulfilled in the world that He died for. 

When you hold grudge, your hands aren’t free to catch blessings.


Alan and Trisha Thompson motored up to Branson recently, enjoyed it but said it was very cold. I can only imagine. Mr Dick Rankin was here from Alaska for the Funeral of Johnny Graha, very good friend. Before Mr. Dick returned home he carried the Simmons children, Samuel, Graham and Anna to the Louisiana Purchase Zoo.

Mrs. Mary Russell gave me a call last week to tell me how much she and others enjoyed their Thanksgiving Dinner at the Council on Aging which was sponsored by the Richland Parish Sheriff’s Office and veterans. They enjoyed turkey dressing, brisket, green beans, sweet potatoes, rolls, tea and sweets. Great time for some senior citizens. She wishes to thank each one for this.

Kelsie Cheek was here from Lafayette for three days for Thanksgiving and went back early enough to watch those Saints. Ha! Great game!

Jerry and Diane Cobb had all of their children, grandchildren and great grand here for Thanksgiving week. Steve and Kerrie Cobb, Blacke and Cheyenne Cobb, Aspen, Cody Farley, Ashley Pluhar, Kacie Cobb, and Amber Cobb from Montana. Denise Cobb from Shreveport, Amanda Gurney (whose husband Michael could not be here he was missed) Steve and Sheir Cobb Biritz, Lisa Lauren, Sarah from Kansas City, Mo. Others of the family, Sue Cobb from Lafayette, Cheryl Cobb, Kirk Bryn, Rae Kirk, Amy Kirk. Now all of these came to my store on Friday morning for ice cream. 

We had the best time visiting. An invasion. Ha! Now mind you they did not all stay with Jerry and Diane, They were over at Inky and Paula Cobbs hunting camp with their family. They had a Happy Thanksgiving I’d say.

Coming by on Sunday was Rick Fortenbury (son of Stanley and Eloise Fortenbury) from Calhoun, Ricks son, Judge, and his fiancé, Lindsay Dean. He Told me Stan was still preaching. 

Sally Mahoney from Tallulah was here also.

Happy Birthday this week to Valarie Earl, Drew Holly, Thelma Green on November 29th, Jeanette Barrier, Beth Sanders, Naomi Walker on November 30th, Mandy Parker, Whitney Hut, Carson Thompson on December 1st, Dylan Dew, Marvin Rieger on December 2nd, Caydee Clack, Ellie Clack (twins) Jason Nix, Joyce Rawls on December 4th, Jan Maxwell, Angie Clack on December 5th. I wish that these celebrated many more! 

No anniversaries were received for this week, but if you have one, have a great one!

Have a great week, oh stay warm and be safe.

Remember: The Bible is the only book where the Author is in love with you, the reader.

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