Holly Ridge Happenings

The Unlocked Door

The daughter of a widow had left her mother’s house. Led astray by others, she had forsaken the guidance of her mother and her spiritual training. Diligently her mother prayed for the child. Her efforts bombarding the throne of grace were not futile.

The child became burdened by her sin, and she returned home late one night. It was near midnight, and she was surprised to find the door unlocked. Her mother later explained ot her why it was unlatched.

“Never, my child, night or day, has that door been fastened since you left. I knew that you would come back some day, and I was unwilling to keep you waiting for a single moment.” 

That illustrates how God leaves the door open for us, so we can always return to him. No matter how wayward we have become. 

His door is always open! 

Jesus, sees our sin more clearly than anyone, yet He loves us more than anyone!

Greg and Jeanne Thompson and Bobby and Carolyn Post traveled down to Orange Beach for a few days. Jeanne and Carolyn enjoyed the beach and sand, while Greg and Bobby just relaxed in the condo.

I visited in Mer Rouge last Thursday with my Sistrunk cousins, Sharon, Mike and Sandra. Hadana enjoyable visit. I also enjoyed seeing the beautiful “White Gold” cotton between here and there. 

It had been some time since I was up that way. 

Vanessa Thompson and Debbie Prine flew to San Antonio for a day of banking classes. They had a tiring trip but did enjoy it.

I enjoyed Mr. Pat Guyses coming by on Saturday morning for a visit. 

There is but one question and that is “what is the will of God that settles all other questions?”

Happy Birthday this week to Bro. Keith Evans on September 20th, Tate Nix, Melba Thompson Summers, Wayne Winstead on September 21st, Corrine Stokes, Linda R. Nix, Lillian Reems on September 22nd, My oldest son Greg (60) Trisha Thompson. Becky Herrington, Jo Ellen Gwin on September 23rd, Ralph Cheek, Lizzie McCormick on September 24th, Jennifer Walters, Jed Dixson, Buddy McCartney, Charlene Mercer on September 25th, Rebeckah Jo Gwin, Kimberly Walker, Clint Mercer on September 26th. May they celebrate many more happy ones!

Anniversary wishes to: Becky and David Rawls on Septmeber 24th, Janice and Jamer Dickson on Septmeber 22nd, Kim and Randy Gilly on September 25th, May these share more happy years of togetherness.

Much love and many thanks to those who care and donate to the upkeep of the Bethel Cemetery and McKnight cemetery. That is the way we can keep it looking well kept. Have a great week. Call and Share.

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